Ninebot P65E electric scooter


Ninebot P65E electric scooter – Urban Cruiser to Change the Game!

Ninebot P65 electric scooter has a range of up to 65 km and a speed of up to 25 km/h. Equipped with Cross Season tires for all weather conditions.

The tires have a gel layer that reduces the chance of a flat. The P65 can be unlocked with NFC technology and via the app on your smartphone.

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Ninebot P65E – Een Urban Cruiser to Change the Game!

The Ninebot P65 has a range of 65 km and a speed of up to 25 km/h. This is one of the few models that features SegPower Cross Season tires, which allow you to ride safely through a variety of weather conditions. In addition, the tires have a gel layer that reduces the chance of a flat.

The P65 is also a smart electric scooter that can be unlocked with NFC technology and via the app on your smartphone.

Ninebot P65E pro and contra

+ 10 inch wheels with anti-leak gel
+ Highly visible in the dark
+ Locking via NFC
+ USB-C charging port
+ Charging indicator

– No cruise control
– Weight 25kg slightly heavier to carry

Ninebot P65E with Cross Season tires for any type of weather

With a range of a whopping 65 km and 10.5-inch SegPower Cross Season tires, you’ll ride through virtually any weather and over any terrain with ease. Troubled by heavy rain or snow? The large Cross Season tires provide tremendous grip and prevent skidding. In addition, the tires are equipped with a gel layer that reduces the chances of a flat. For a comfortable ride.

Smoother braking and a better ride

The P65 KickScooter is equipped with a dual piston disc brake for the front wheel and an electronic brake for the rear wheel, allowing smoother and safer braking when stopping from a shorter distance. When you brake, the strong tail light also automatically comes on, so you will be noticed by other drivers from afar! So don’t worry about safety, with the Segway P65 you are safe.

Apart from the brakes, upgrading your ride to the P65 model will allow you to have a KickScooter with a maximum power of 980W and a 22% climbing angle.

This combination will get you to your destination, even on challenging terrain, combined with the right brakes for your safety.

A safe and smart ride

The P65 comes with a number of excellent features that make this KickScooter smarter:

  • Type USB-C port just behind the KickScooter’s dashboard that allows you to charge your smartphone while you ride.
  • Ability to (de)lock your KickScooter with one of these two options: with the NFC technology or your smartphone via the Segway-Ninebot App
  • The choice between 3 Riding modes (Eco, Sport and Race modes) as well as other modes such as Walk mode (with max speed up to 3-5 km/h for pedestrian areas) and Park mode
  • From the speed level, driving modes and connectivity to the power progress bar (and much more!), the new LED-colored dashboard gives you all the information you need!

Stand out even in low light

The Segway P65 comes with a strong and glare-free 10W front light, colorful ambient lighting in the front step area and also certified reflectors so you can be seen and see other riders in low-light conditions.

In addition, the KickScooter comes with LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) that automatically turns on when the engine is on, making you more visible during the day as well. The DRL can be turned off via the Segway-Ninebot App if necessary.

Last but not least, for an extra safe commute, the P65 also comes with built-in front and rear turn signals and an electric horn accessible from the multi-function handlebars, so you can tell other drivers which direction you’re going without fuss.

Fast charging with the P65

From the standpoint of always wanting to improve the driver’s experience, the P65 model comes with a built-in charging indicator on the front part of the footboard. With this indicator, you can easily check the battery level of your KickScooter while charging.

With a battery capacity of 561W for the long distance up to 65km, the Segway P65 is fully charged in just 4 hours! Plug the charger into the charging port at home, at your friends’ house or at the office, and once charged, you are ready to go to your next destination!

Moreover, to make your life easier, the KickScooter charging port also comes with a protective cover that protects your KickScooter from dust or other unnecessary particles getting in, reducing the need for maintenance.

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions119 × 63,4 × 121,4 cm

E-step type

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Dimensions folded

119 x 63,4 x 56,7 cm

Engine power

Battery Ah


Charging time

Battery type


Speed limit at 25km/h

Cruise control

Wheel size

Maximum weight

Climbing angle

Electric brake


Battery voltage

Energy regeneration


Battery location


Adjustable steering

Front brake

Rear brake

With display

Brake light

Bluetooth app


With suspension


Driver height/age



Front tire

Rear tire

IP value

License plate holder

Turn signals


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