Electric scooter Mobile Future

Electric scooter Mobile Future is our house brand with a strong range of e-steps with an excellent quality/price ratio. You are sure to find an e-step that meets your requirements.

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Why choose Mobile Future ?

  1. Direct contact with the developers and production. We only work with factories that listen to our comments and make the necessary adjustments or improvements we deem necessary to make your scooter even better.
  2. In case of defects or other problems you will be helped quickly. We have our own service center for repairs and maintenance.
  3. From our house brand we have all parts in stock. Tires, brake pads, batteries, controllers, displays, etc. So you do not have to wait long for a maintenance or repair.


The models we sell are first thoroughly tested for defects. If they do not meet our requirements, we do not sell them.

Electric scooters are distinguished by the use of quality materials. An aluminum frame that is sturdy, reliable and rust-free thanks to the use of a high-quality aluminum alloy. And we also use quality batteries with long life and good autonomy.

Challengers from the well-known brands

In any case, Mobile Future’s electric scooters should not be inferior to the better-known brands on the market of electric scooters. On the contrary. Because Mobile Future’s e-steps score much better in most areas.

E-step with replaceable battery ?

Quick battery replacement ? With the X8 and X9 this is possible. With their replaceable battery you can cover longer distances by carrying an extra battery. Another advantage is the fact that the continuity of your electric scooter no longer depends on the battery. Without forgetting that batteries also improve year after year.