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Only the official European version of the Xiaomi electric scooter, no Chinese version or a clone!

Even after your purchase, you are welcome at Mobile Future for maintenance and repairs.

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Xiaomi electric scooter

Legal European version

Mobile Future is an official Dealer of Xiaomi electric scooters. We only sell the official European version. No Chinese clone!

The Xiaomi electric scooter is one of the most popular brands among electric scooters in Europe. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi is best known as a brand of smartphones and smart IoT products. If you are considering buying your first electric scooter, Xiaomi is a good choice because of its excellent quality/price ratio.

Xiaomi electric scooter – For short distances and city traffic

The Xiaomi electric scooter is mainly suitable for short distances and city traffic and requires little maintenance. The Xiaomi scooter is sturdy and has a smooth acceleration capability, the integrated display is clearly readable and the strong LED lighting makes it easily visible during dark winter nights.

Xiaomi electric scooter – reliable

With an electric scooter from Xiaomi, you are buying a reliable electric scooter and do not have to worry about failing parts or bad controller. You know what you are buying and can therefore rest easy. As always with a scooter, you should count on normal wear and tear of the tires and regular maintenance.

Xiaomi power scooter – functional

Xiaomi electric scooters are popular scooters for normal functional use on the market. They have different models for adults as well as accessories and useful accessories such as a miniature electric pump. With Mobile Future, we have taken the best of these and are proud to offer them for you locally. This way you won’t have to miss a thing and you can always continue cruising with the highest possible comfort.