Electric scooter Horwin

Electric scooter Horwin, explore our range and choose the Horwin scooter that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you want to cruise around town, commute to work or just enjoy the pleasure of electric riding.

The Horwin brand stands for comfort, design, high-tech and safety.

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Electric scooter Horwin

Electric scooter Horwin is where comfort and design meet high-tech and safety.

At HORWIN is convinced that electric mobility is the future. Innovation, quality and reliability play a central role here.

Moreover, Horwin has more than 10 years of experience in electric two-wheelers.

HORWIN designs vehicles specifically for customers in Europe. The focus is therefore on larger models with higher driver weight for relatively tall Europeans. They also maintain the highest standards in terms of material quality, comfort, design, safety and reliability. High-tech and practical innovations suitable for everyday use ultimately put the typical HORWIN stamp on the vehicles.