Electric scooter Speedway

Speedway’s electric scooter combines low weight with powerful performance. Are you looking for a compact, light and sporty electric scooter that still rides nippy ?  Then the Speedway offer is definitely recommended.

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Electric scooter Speedway

Everyone wants to ride the best scooter at the most affordable price. Whether you have a budget of 500€ or 1,000€ to spend on your electric scooter, you are guaranteed to find a quality solution at Minimotors with their electric scooter Speedway.

Speedway is Minimotors’ more affordable segment. So for 500€ or 1,000€ you can get a very competitive electric scooter. The nice thing is that it’s not either/or at Speedway. Speedway gives its customers a combination of performance with light weight, functionality and comfort.

For example, the Speedway Pro Lite electric scooter has a double front and rear suspension as standard. Moreover, if you know that the Speedway Pro Lite can be shortened by sliding the handlebars down and folding the handlebar levers, you know that you have a small vehicle that you can easily transport on the train or in the car when someone comes to pick you up.

A folded Speedway electric scooter is so small that you can even carry it on your knees in the car before resuming your journey afterwards. In addition, the weight of this electric scooter is very low. Pretty punishing when you know that the materials used at Speedway are always sturdier than those of other market leaders such as Xiaomi or even Ninebot.

With the top model in the Speedway family, called the Speedway 5, you can also be amazed by the tremendous performance that Speedway offers its users. Whether it’s important accelerations in slopes, the top speeds that can be achieved (and are limited when purchased to 25km/h) as well as the range of up to 70km, Speedway is a brand not to rule out if you want to proceed to a wise purchase.

With its dealers worldwide, you can also count on a fast and good service should something urgently need to be replaced or repaired?