Electric scooter maximum incline angle

What does maximum incline angle mean for an electric scooter ?

The maximum incline angle an electric scooter can handle is mainly determined by the power of the motor and battery.

The maximum incline angle of an electric scooter is expressed in percent (%) or degrees (°).

The graphic clarifies exactly what is meant by this.

If there are many steep mountains on your route then it is wise to choose an electric scooter with a little more power so you can scoot smoothly uphill. So the climbing ability of your electric scooter is an important consideration.

Most standard e-steps are equipped with a 350W motor. For steep mountains, this is just a little too little.

We recommend at least a 450W motor for smooth climbing without much loss of speed.

The Mobile Future Xmax with a 450W motor is ideal if there are many steep mountains on your route.

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