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E-step battery

One of the most important parts in your electric scooter is the battery. After all, this is the “power source” of your scooter. If the battery is not in good condition it will obviously affect the driving performance.

The life span of branded batteries is a lot higher than the cheaper Chinese versions. A cheap e-scooter is equipped with a cheap battery. Keep this in mind when ordering a scooter through channels like Alibaba.

In general, Chinese batteries can be charged/discharged up to 300 times. After this, performance goes downhill pretty quickly.

Not only the quality of the Li-ion cells used that is important. The construction of the internal structure of the battery also determines its lifetime. Again, the anti-vibration performance of branded batteries is a lot better.
By this we mean : while riding an electric scooter, a lot of vibration can occur, especially on bad roads. Cheaper batteries are more likely to have bad contacts over time.

If your scooter is equipped with a Chinese battery, the power will slowly decrease after 300 times of charging/discharging. Average 20% capacity loss per year.

The range of a battery in good condition is between 2x and 3x its capacity in Ah. Example : with a 7.5 Ah battery, the range is between 15 and 22 km. Of course, depending on the weight of the driver and the driving mode.


If the electric scooter is used intensively and daily then the battery will need to be replaced after 2 to 3 years.