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Central location

Large selection of electric scooter at Mobile Future Leuven . Easily accessible thanks to our central location on the outskirts of Leuven. We deliver electric scooters from Knokke to Malmedy, from Kalmthout to Aarlon in short all the cities of Belgium.

There the choice was quickly found, Wilsele, outside of the center of Leuven. As the capital of Flemish Brabant, Leuven is located 20 min from Brussels, 1h from the Netherlands as well as Germany and 1.5h from France, Luxembourg and England.

Electric scooter Leuven - city of students

Leuven, as originally viewed, is a very good place to start in. Because Leuven is the city of students, city of shopkeepers, city of Stella. And Leuven is also known as a city that shuns car traffic. The car-free downtown has been an example of alternative mobility for more than 20 years.

Touring around in Leuven

So touring around Leuven on an electric scooter is ideal. Nothing better to cruise past that cozy downtown towards the friends waiting for you at the longest bar in Europe. Need to drop off something at the station for your fellow student taking the train home. Don’t worry, you no longer have to hurry yourself in the Bondegenotenlaan. Hop on the electric scooter and you’ll be there before you know it.

Ideal for entrepreneurs

The electric scooter also became the ideal means of transportation for the various professionals of the middle city. Park your car in an outer ring parking and cruise toward your destination without fear of fines. Cyclists don’t have to be knocked over here, either. Up stairs? No problem with Mobile Future’s carbon electric scooters. Quickly to the bakery, grocery store or pharmacy. Hop on the scooter on and you’re right back to work or where you left off before.

Stick to the legal speed in Leuven

The speed of an electric scooter is legal up to 25km/h. Driving faster on an electric scooter in Leuven would even feel uncomfortable. Now there is nothing more powerful than effortlessly passing the hurried motorist or even cyclist silently with style. Ideal to start the next meeting in the best conditions. You park easily remotely and cheaply, circulate smoothly through difficult traffic and get even more smoothly without a search behind a parkplace lot to just outside your door and this without having lost any sweat.

This does not just apply to Leuven. You can likewise start repeating this during any other activity (work, private or even tourism) you do afterwards in your particular city or the city of your destination. You will notice it pretty quickly; it becomes like an addiction in the long run. Your first reaction will be: if only I had brought my electric scooter.

Electric scooter Leuven Sales & Service center

Mobile Future BV
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3012 Wilsele (near Leuven)
+32 470 22 27 06
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