Which electric scooter to buy

Which electric scooter should I buy now ? Once you have used an electric scooter once, you will notice pretty quickly the benefits and pleasure you can experience during professional or private travel. As always, the shape, the colors are the first elements that fuel the emotional affinity to a particular brand or model.

Which electric scooter to buy is an important question to ask yourself. Now it is wise to look further ahead as numerous elements can begin to manifest themselves over the years and indicate a good buy or a mis-buy.

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The Choice of Mobile Future

Which electric scooter to buy - Determine your budget

When asking “which electric scooter to buy,” usually the first question is: what is my budget, how much do I want to spend on it.

Pretty soon you will notice that there are 3 price ranges for electric scooters. First, there are the electric scooters that range between 250 and 350 €. We can call these the impulse steps or the first step purchase. You buy them and soon you notice the benefits of using them.

After a period of time, you then choose to upgrade and start seeking your pleasure in the midrange models located between 400€ and 750€. From 1,000€ I get you into the range of the more performant electric scooter with almost unlimited possibilities. Say the features of a motorcycle but on a playful electric scooter.

What range do I need ?

Buy an electric scooter for your mobility from home to work with or without an interlude via train or bus ? Then you need to be sure of the autonomy your electric scooter can handle. A good electric scooter has a really proven range of 25-30km. It is important to test these in advance to ensure that you do get to that important appointment or meeting. Some electric scooters also feature replaceable batteries such as our X8 and X9. Super convenient to be able to use multiple batteries in a row. An additional charger at work can also benefit.

If greater autonomy is desired choose an electric scooter with a 48V battery. It works more efficiently than a 36V battery and offers higher autonomy.

The weight

If you are asking yourself the question “which e-step to buy” then weight is definitely important. Low weight may be important for your application. An e-step should be able to be put away in a safe location after use. If you choose a public place, it is important to use a reliable lock. Several brands here have capitalized on the electric scooter and offer specific locks for your beloved scooter. An electric scooter will quickly become your best companion and thus will be better placed next to your desk or work surface. The smaller it is and especially the lighter it weighs the easier you can carry it, up the stairs or into the supermarket. An average electric scooter quickly weighs between 12 and 14 kg. The lighter the better.

Tire choice

If you will be riding your e-scooter a lot, buy an e-step with 10″ wheels. The larger the tires, the more comfortable. Especially if these are pneumatic tires. In that regard, you have a choice between 8.5- and 10-inch tires. Our experience shows that 10 inches hold the track better, especially when you regularly take turns at full speed in rainy or autumnal days. There are also electric scooters with full rubber tires. These have the advantage that you cannot ride flat, on the other hand, comfort and ease of riding are negatively affected. Air-filled tires naturally flex better and offer a more enjoyable ride. Since changing tires on an electric scooter is the toughest job in maintenance, it is recommended to check the tire pressure weekly. Under-pressurized tires cause faster wear with all its consequences.

Power of the motor

Do not buy a basic scooter with a standard 350W motor if there are many mountains on your route. 350W is the minimum for a comfortable driving experience. If there are steep mountains on your route we recommend 450W. Good acceleration, comfortable handlebars and cruise control is a must if the electric scooter will be used daily. We often find that customers who choose a competitively priced electric scooter quickly switch to a higher quality scooter over time. Once you know the benefits of an electric scooter there is no stopping it. Small or large, for small or somewhat larger movements. Pleasure and functionality take over from price.

Which e-step to buy - Waterproof

If you live in Belgium, there was no getting around the recent publication of Testaankoop and its conclusions. These were recently published widely across all communication platforms. First prize steps did not satisfy in terms of safety (braking on a wet surface) as well as resistance to rain. Fortunately, though, these results are a lot better with e-steps belonging to the middle class. Most electric scooters are rated IP54. This means they are “splash proof. So not resistant to strong Belgian rain. Mobile Future introduces the X8 with a battery that is not mounted in the base plate and thus better protected from splashing water. However, never drive through large puddles as water may enter the engine.


Whatever electric scooter you buy, an e-step is not a heavy burden on the environment compared to a car. Currently, Li-ion batteries are still widely used. In the short term, LiFePO batteries will become the standard. These batteries contain no heavy metals, making them more recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

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