Electric scooter brands

Electric scooter brands of which Mobile Future is currently a dealer:


All electric scooter brands we sell are homologated and of course allowed on public roads subject to license plate and insurance. Contact us if you have any questions.

With each electric scooter brand, you will find information about which license and insurance is required to drive on public roads in Belgium.

Electric scooter brands
The advantages of riding electric
Zero emission

Obviously the biggest advantage of an electric vehicle. No emission of harmful gases.

Always maximum torque

One of the strengths of the electric motor is that maximum torque is always available. From standstill, maximum torque is already available. Compared to a classic combustion engine, there is thus no minimum number of revolutions/minute required to obtain maximum torque.

This means in practice that you never have to search for the right speed, or the right gear. After all, gears are unnecessary with an electric motor, which can make you as a driver enjoy your ride even more. Once experienced, you won’t want to go back!

Less maintenance

An electric moped or scooter requires much less maintenance than a classic internal combustion engine. There are a lot of parts in a classic engine that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Just think about spark plugs, air filter, etc. The few parts in an electric scooter that are subject to wear are e.g. the tires, brake pads and possibly oil in the hydraulic brake line.

No noise and odor

No more noise and odor pollution. No more oil spills.

Tax advantages

You pay no road tax. For the purchase of an electric vehicle, the government regularly launches premiums. Also on your insurance you usually get extra discount if you drive an electric scooter.

What driving license do I need for an electric scooter ?
Electric moped or moped class A, maximum speed 25 km/h > no license needed > minimum age 16 years old
Moped max. 4kW (50cc) > max. 45 km/h = driving license AM required (also speedpedelec) > minimum age 16 years old
Light motorcycle max. 11kW (125cc) > driving license A1 required > minimum age 18 years old
Medium motorcycle max. 35kW > driving license A2 required > minimum age 20 years old
Heavy motorcycle over 35kW > driving license A required > minimum age 24 years old

Are you in possession of a driving license B (car) that was issued before May 1, 2011? Then you may drive an A1 motorcycle, but only in Belgium. To drive abroad, you must first obtain an A1 license.


Every mile driven on an electric scooter is a lot cheaper and provides much more driving pleasure.