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Electric scooter tire replacement

At Mobile Future, you have come to the right place to have your electric scooter’s tire replaced. We stock all common tires and can help you replace your tires quickly.

The disadvantage of a pneumatic tire on an electric scooter is that you can ride it flat on a regular basis. The condition of Belgium’s roads and bike paths often leave much to be desired. We all experience this on a daily basis. So everyone faces a flat tire sooner or later.

Our tips if you often need to change the tire on your electric scooter

Check the tire pressure and avoid tire replacement

Do you need to change the tires of your electric scooter regularly ?

Check your tire pressure regularly ! If your tire pressure is too low, you are more likely to puncture. If your scooter is equipped with tires with an inner tube, the risk of punctures is even greater. Because while riding with too low tire pressure, damage occurs to the inner tube.

Driving around with an underinflated tire will also cause more friction. This will reduce the performance of your e-step. Moreover, the range of your e-step will be drastically reduced if you continue to ride with tires that are too flat.

Changing the tire of your E-step ? Use our entry form below to schedule an appointment to replace the tires on your electric scooter.

Electric scooter tire replacement service center : Vierhuizenstraat 77 at 3012 Wilsele

Questions about an e-step repair, maintenance or tire replacement ?
Use our appointment form : Electric scooter repair requestto request a repair or maintenance.

Or Contact us at +32 470 22 20 54 or +32 470 22 27 06, or by mail at

Electric scooter tire replacement - price

The price for replacing a tire depends on the type of tire on your scooter.

Below are some examples with guide prices:

  • Inner tube 8″ for e-step Xiaomi or similar: €45
  • Outer tire 8″ 30mm wide for e-step Xiaomi or similar: €55
  • Outer tire 8″ 40mm wide for e-step Xiaomi or similar, Dualtron mini: €75
  • Full tire 8″ 34mm wide for e-step Xiaomi or similar: €55
  • Tubeless 10″ outer tire with anti-puncture gel for Ninebot G30 or similar: €85
  • Full tire 10″ 45mm wide for e-step Ninebot G30 or similar: €85

These are guide prices including installation and VAT and are valid only if the wheels have no other defects requiring additional work.

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