Electric scooter Kaboo

The Kaboo electric scooter is one of the market leaders of off-road e-steps. Kaboo’s e-steps are recognizable by their articulated suspension that makes you feel like you are floating on the road.

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Electric scooter Kaboo

An electric scooter from Kaboo can be perceived as a brand of scooters that is above the market leaders in regular commuting, but still below the Dualtrons of this world. And this based on price as well as on quality and performance.

An e-step from Kaboo is not so much used for 1 or 2 km. It is more a great alternative to a car if you live in the country and regularly need to cover longer distances cruising through fields or paved lanes.

With their rugged and minimalist look, Kaboo’s scooters offer a good combination between road use and cruising in the woods or other off-road applications.  The construction of the frame consists of 1 part which is quite light and rigid.

The popular Kaboo Mantis comes in black with its cool and rugged shapes. The sturdy rear wheel cover plate also provides a sporty look. The handlebars as well as the stem already give more of a motorcycle-like impression and based on the speed that Kaboo electric scooters can handle, directional indicators are a nice extra to increase safety.

The Kaboo Mantis also comes standard with LED lights that you usually only get on the more expensive electric scooters. Kaboo has made a lot of progress in recent years in terms of reliable and fast folding of the scooter. Based on a simple click system and quality lever, you can easily open and reattach the handlebars without fear of damaging or crushing them when tightening them too hard. The Kaboo Mantis is also easy to transport in the suitcase. It fits perfectly.

A Kaboo Mantis is like a jewel in terms of the pleasure you experience based on the speed as well as the acceleration you get out of it.

If, as an e-scooter enthusiast, you are looking for more than just a classic commuter scooter, you have come to the right place with an electric scooter from Kaboo….