Electric scooter battery

Need an electric scooter battery ? At Mobile Future we have the most common batteries in stock. Mobile Future only sells quality batteries with a warranty of 1 year.

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Electric scooter battery

The battery of an electric scooter gets a lot of wear and tear and is a component that needs to be replaced after some time. The lifetime of a battery in your electrical scooter is determined by the quality and how you treat it. Always store your scooter in a heated or windproof room and keep the charge level between 10 and 90% for a long life.

Battery range

The range of an electric scooter is determined by the capacity of the battery expressed in Ah : Amps per hour.

A good rule of thumb to determine the range is to multiply the capacity of the battery by 2 to 3. Example: a 7Ah battery has an average range of 14km (2×7) to 21km (3×7). Your weight and riding style also determine the range.

Which battery fits my scooter?

The higher the capacity of the battery, the bigger the dimensions. So not every battery fits in your electrical scooter. Contact us or visit us if you have questions.