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Best buy electric scooter

It is better to buy your best electric scooter at a specialist. In fact, the Internet is full of providers of electric scooters. However, most are limited to sales only and do not offer after-sales service.

At Mobile Future, you can sleep on both ears because we also do your maintenance and all repairs. Usually we can help you fast because we have all parts in stock.

Buy best electric scooter - our brands

elektrische step mobile future

Mobile Future

Our own brand with a wide range of solid scooters. From cheap basic scooters up to powerful off-road versions.

elektrische step ninebot


Best known to the general public thanks to the success of the G30 Max. Ninebot offers a wide range with something for everyone.

elektrische step xiaomi


Xiaomi's electric scooters are popular scooters for normal functional use.

elektrische step speedway


Speedway electric scooter combines compact size and low weight with powerful performance.

elektrische step kaboo


Kaboo is one of the market leaders of off-road e-steps. The steps are known for their outstanding hinge suspension.

elektrische step dualtron


Dualtron electric scooters are known for their sporty look, performance and sturdy structure.

Kinds of electric scooters

elektrische step woon werk verkeer

Elektric scooter
Home & work traffic

An electric scooter for daily commuting.

elektrische step volwassenen

Electric scooter

An e-step suitable for adults weighing up to 120 kg.

elektrische step groot bereik

Electric scooter
Long range

An e-step that can handle a range of 30 km or more with a full battery.

elektrische step zware mensen

Electric scooter
Heavy people

A sturdy e-step suitable for a maximum load up to 150 kg.

elektrische step sportief

Electric scooter
Sport & offroad

A powerful e-step with high accerelation and suitable for off-road use.

elektrische step kind

Electric scooter

A reliable and safe range of electric scooters suitable for young children.

elektrische step tweedehands

Electric scooter
Second hand

Mobile Future has regular offerings of young used e-steps.

Electric scooter second hand

Mobile Future has regular offerings of second-hand electric scooters. These are usually young showroom models that were little used. We also refurbish e-steps and replace defective or obsolete parts.

This way, we also help to reduce waste and the scooters get a second life with a new owner!

Electric scooter acquisition

Do you already have an electric scooter but you would have liked to buy a new or better model ? You can at Mobile Future. You can also contact us to take over your electric scooter.

Why choose Mobile Future ?


Only the best brands

The best electric scooters with reliable components and long-life batteries.


After-sales service

Customer satisfaction is important – even after the sale you can always contact us for support or service.

onderhoud herstelling elektrische step

Maintenance and repair

You are welcome to visit our service center for maintenance and repairs on your electric scooter – also for other brands.

Visit our store

mobile future winkel
Mobile Future winkel - Vierhuizenstraat 77 - 3012 Wilsele

Stop by our store in Wilsele for more information on electric scooters or a test ride. We are happy to provide a detailed explanation of all models and options according to your specific needs.

Discover our extensive range, service and expertise. Because to buy the best electric scooter, you need to ask yourself some important questions so that you can really buy the best electric scooter that meets your needs.

We will test the scooters for you

Mobile Future was founded in 2020 with the goal of selling and repairing new and used electric scooters. Because buying your best electric scooter is only possible if the e-scooter meets all your requirements. We perform maintenance and repairs with the goal of knowing better the weak points in electric scooters. We can use this knowledge in the development and improvement of new e-scooters. We have dissected many e-steps and continue to continuously analyze them for following aspects:

  • comfort
  • autonomy
  • loss of power with decreasing battery level
  • the quality of the brakes and this also downhill
  • climbing a hill
  • the quality of the chassis
  • type of tires
  • folding mechanism
  • the fastening of the screws
  • the touch of the steering wheel
  • the weight
  • battery quality
  • the quality of the LED light
  • Stability when driving with one hand
  • the cruise control aspect
  • esthetics
  • the wiring
  • the bell
  • quality of rear fender & foot brake

By touching this expertise, we are confident that you can buy your best electric scooter from us and that we can give you the best advice. Feel free to contact us and come test drive an electric scooter.

Test best electric scooter

Mobile Future has tested several electric scooters of different price ranges and from well-known brands. So your best electric scooter certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. And the price is largely determined by the power of the motor and the capacity of the battery.

Because in order to buy the best electric scooter, you must therefore first ask yourself what you are going to use the e-step for.

  • If you are going to use the electric scooter for regular use over short distances (less than 10 km) then riding comfort and battery capacity is somewhat less important.
  • If there are many steep mountains on your route, then a motor with at least 350W power is not an unnecessary luxury.
  • If you are going to use the electric scooter to explore the surroundings, for example on vacation, then a battery with a capacity of 10Ah or more is a must.

Top 4 best electric scooters

After much comparing and testing, Mobile Future has put together its own quality range of electric scooters that meet most user profiles.

Buying your best electric scooter will be a lot easier as a result. Mobile Future offers the most popular e-steps with exceptional quality.

Also for maintenance and repair of your electric scooter you can contact the service center of Mobile Future.

Not sure which electric scooter suits you ? Contact us for a free and non-committal test drive.

Recently added

Repairing electric scooters

Like a bicycle, an electric scooter needs regular maintenance. Tires wear out or are damaged, brakes need to be adjusted or brake pads need to be replaced, etc.

Mobile Future offers maintenance and repair services. Also for electric scooters not purchased from us.

Legislation e-steps

To use an electric scooter, you don’t need a driver’s license, but that doesn’t mean, of course, that as a rider you shouldn’t follow the highway code.

Since the electric scooter is not considered as a motor vehicle you only need to have a family insurance to cover your liability. The condition is that the scooter and bicycle cannot autonomously travel faster than 25 kilometers per hour.

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