Review Ninebot max G30 versus Mobile Future X9

It’s official, the Mobile Future X9 surpasses the Ninebot G30 as the ideal rental scooter !

What we with Mobile Future have suspected for a while has now been confirmed in practice. The Mobile Future X9 outperforms the Ninebot G30e II in all areas.

During the more than 40 km test drive, the differences between the Ninebot G30 and the Mobile Future X9 emerged clearly. The test drive was conducted by two people with an average weight of 75 kg.

After only a 35 km stretch, the maximum speed of the G30 already decreased from 25 to 23 km/h.

So our conclusion is pretty clear. Because in terms of range, ride comfort, safety and braking, the X9 scores a lot better.

Moreover, the X9’s performance battery is easily removable and can be charged separately. So it is ideal as a rental scooter.

review ninebot g30 mobile future x9
Mobile Future X9 review november 2022
ninebot g30 versus mobile future x9 traject
Test Drive Mobile Future X9 versus Ninebot G30 max

Ninebot G30 vs Mobile Future X9 review conclusion

Pretty strong conclusion if you ask me. As a passionate e-stepper, I have always been a fan of the Ninebot G30 until 1 year ago.

I yelled loudly that this poplar model was an example. Even the better of the market for the sake of its reliable tires, super battery and solid drum brake.

A little over 1 year ago, the first cracks began to come in this faith. With the evolution to the G30e II, the Ninebot G30 e II no longer have cruise control and its maximum speed is limited to the legal 25km/h. That’s fine for rental companies, but in terms of comfort and driving ease, this is still a toss-up.

Throughout my 17 comparative test drives over the last year and a half, I have always reflected the findings honestly and sincerely. Now it is time to share again my expertise as a connoisseur of electric scooters.

Ninebot G30 vs Mobile Future X9 price

In terms of purchase, we can already clearly demonstrate an official gross surcharge of 80€.

Thing is, the Ninebot G30e II is on sale at an official price of 879€ (and currently at mobile Future at 829€) which is grossly 80€ more than the Mobile Future X9 (799€).

Ninebot G30 vs Mobile Future X9 test drive

The other differences can only be experienced and measured based on a test drive. You had to wait a long time for that test drive, but fortunately it is now available to you.

To have a comparable test drive you need to be 2 people with preferably the same weight. This parameter seemed to fail at first since my partner on duty weighed only 72 kg, while I myself with my burgundy lifestyle already lean closer to 85 kg.

Still, to get a realistic picture, we decided to change scooters for every multiple of 7km. This initially succeeded although I myself noticed after a 7 km double shift (7-21 km) that my lighter weight traveling companion was going to achieve a significantly lower range with the G30 which jeopardized the continuation of the round trip. With only 21km on the counter, I had asked my lighter weight companion to keep the G30 until the end! (12 kg less for 34km is huge.)

Especially since we had just finished the green part and had yet to start the actual city trip. And yes the plan was to get to know the city of Antwerp more deeply after a trip in nature. Halfway through the ride we found that we had better speed up, since the hours were flying by and nothing of the city had been visited yet.

In addition to visiting Fort 8, one of the older establishments around Antwerp, we had also driven through Park Sorg Vliedt in the direction of Hoboken. There with the ferry we toured through nature.

Ninebot G30 vs Mobile Future X9 initial findings

And what about the initial findings ? Well the X9, with its 500W motor, was much more powerful than the 350W equivalent of the Ninebot G30. Even with a heavier driver. Specifically, the Ninebot scrambled up the slope at 22km/h while the X9 did so at 25km/h. And this both at the beginning and after 17 km. In addition, the G30 started losing its initial battery indication from 7km, while the Mobile Future X9 battery indication only flashed around 10km.

After 35km, the Ninebot G30 with 72kg did not drive faster than 23km/h while the X9 always demonstrates a desire to go faster than 25km/h. The limited speed of 23km/h speed also came up on the X9 after 41km.

To keep the results as comparable as possible, the factory values of the Mobile Future X9 (in other words, 25km/h and without cruise control) were retained.

My traveling companion enjoyed the smooth ease of the G30 but preferred the X9 for its comfort and for the wider handlebars with better grips. The extra comfort may be due to the X9’s wider handlebars. Those extra 2 cm provide better stability and control. While driving with one hand, this is easily felt. The Mobile Future X9’s higher footplate of no less than 4 cm also provides more safety as does the 4-way braking system.

In addition to electric braking, you can enjoy the dual disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels and this in combination with the brake on the rear fender. Not that this is often done, but it can be done. It is also noteworthy that I have not experienced a broken rear fender on an X9 or its smaller brothers the X8 and X7 in the last 2 years, whereas this is commonplace with the G30. (source roundtrip with the G30 in Antwerp 17/06/21). The G30, on the other hand, features a dual braking system. The front brake combined with an electric brake.

After 24km we arrived at Burcht where only 2 dashes remained of the 5 on the G30 and between 2 and 3 on the X9. We had to start dreading continuing our ride on foot or by bus. Now as always there is the possibility by regularly pressing the brake to regeneratively recharge the battery. An action we used regularly as the ride progressed.

To ride up to Burcht, we also took grass fields that both steps easily survived but required effort.

The view of Antwerp from the left bank was once again eye-opening. The cathedral, the Scheldt quays, the MAS, the peasant tower. All wonderful attractions perfectly accessible and recommended by scooter.

No time and reserve this time to go to the plage of St Anneke for a while but the opportunity to carry the scooter (when the elevator went down) down the centuries-old elevator stairs of the pedestrian tunnel. For example, my companion enjoyed the 19kg of the Ninebot G30 while the net weight of the Mobile Future X9 is 1 kg net heavier.

And from there it was smooth sailing again with the Mobile Future X9 on lead:’ From t’steen , to the Mas and through the inner streets to the Meir, The Groenplaats, Our Lady’s Cathedral and the Grand Place.. Everything had to go with these high-end globetrotters.

Meanwhile, the battery indication on the G30 and to a lesser extent on the X9 had gone down to 1 more dash. Just enough to survive the last 9km’s including the South, the new courthouse, the beautiful Nightingale Park and the Fire and pass it in max 15min.

Yes it did. Although I did pull and push my compane on the Ninebot G30 just to be on the safe side so that its by now flickering red battery indicator would not fail completely anyway.

The other day, I drove the Mobile Future X9 for 2 km before the battery was completely dead.

Did you know that the Mobile Future X9 is also available with a battery with a capacity of 20Ah ? With this battery, you increase the range by as much as another 25%.


Can we conclude from this that the Mobile Future X9 outclasses the popular Ninebot G30 ? If it depends on me, you shouldn’t ask any more yourself. We wish you a safe and enjoyable ride.

Did you know that the Mobile Future X9 is also available with a battery with a capacity of 20Ah ? With this battery you will achieve a range of up to 60 km.

The removable battery that can be easily recharged elsewhere offers a significant advantage. With an additional battery, the scooter can be made operational again for the next group of tenants.

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