Mobile Future X8 review

A great day for another review of the Mobile Future X8. It was sunny, with 10 degrees not too hot and not too chilly.

The X8 had a fully charged battery and the pneumatic tires at the correct pressure. And correct tire pressure is very important. And we should try to keep these identical during the various test drives anyway, to allow for an objective view.

Obviously, there are still elements that have an impact on this test drive :

  • the weight of the driver, in this case 83 kg
  • the number of stops you make, always accelerating back takes more energy than maintaining a constant speed.
  • the use of illumination
  • the faster you go the higher the consumption
elec scooter x8 review
E-step X8 review - Wilrijk april 25 2021

25,8 km




14,5 Km/u

Average speed

Mobile Future X8 test drive - The results

Here they are the results. Factory communicated that the Mobile Future X8 at 15km/h (eco mode) has 45km range. In sport mode and with pretty much a headwind, a fairly constant speed and not too many traffic lights or stops, I got to 23 km before the battery was low.

Pretty soon during the ride, it was clear that the battery indication dropped quickly in sport mode. But that didn’t matter to me. I was willing to bear the consequences as long as I could cherish this moment as long as possible.

Arriving at the port house I was already on the last line and the speed dropped to 22km/h. It was only at the level of the Middelheim hospitals (read Schom) that the battery automatically went into economy mode and the speed was limited to 15km/h.

mobile future x8 track test drive

The positive thing though is that the speed of the scooter remained constant at 15km/h for 2.3km.

The Mobile Future X8 actually drove perfectly from start to finish. 25km/h is a very smooth speed and always gave me the opportunity to pass everyone. I did have that good acceleration and the feeling of being able to handle everything with the X8. And that reliability of the X8 is something I have experienced several times in the last few months. I always managed to get home.

The Mobile Future X8 is not just a smooth means of transportation. It is also a particularly beautiful scooter with nice looks, and also very comfortable traversing the various roads.

And as you all know by now, Antwerp will be one big construction site for the next decades. This will not change anytime soon. A reliable scooter with wide 10-inch tires is appropriate for riding in such regions. Especially if you follow or need to traverse streetcar tracks, the large 10-inch tires this scooter offers are a good value.

For example, the X8 feels as strong as the Birds rental stepper that has been making its way around town for a number of years without feeling unwieldy, slow and unpleasant.

Mobile Future X8 our conclusion

If you place an X8 next to a Xiaomi you will notice that the well-known Xiaomi looks more like a toy. My overall conclusion is that I was able to ride a very smooth trip up to the port house and back. Here are some unflattering images from our test drive.

The big advantage of the X8 is the removable battery. You can take the battery with you and charge it separately. Useful if you live in an apartment where there is no electrical outlet provided in the storage room. If you plan longer trips, you can bring an extra battery and double your range that way.

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