Buy electric scooter

Buy electric scooter

Have you ever ridden an e-scooter? Most people are sold after their first ride and soon decide to buy an electric kick step!

An e-step is a handy means of transport that you can take anywhere and store it easily. It is a very nice experience to drive with an electric scooter.

Planning to buy an e-scooter? View our wide range of high-quality e-steps and convince yourself!

Why buy an electric scooter at Mobile Future ?

Why choose the private label of Mobile Future ?

  1. Direct contact with the developers and production. We only work with factories that listen to our comments and make the necessary adjustments or improvements we think are needed to make your scooter even better.
  2. In case of defects or other problems you will be helped quickly. We have our own service center for repairs and maintenance.
  3. Of our own brand we have all parts in stock. Tires, brake pads, batteries, controllers, displays, etc. So you do not have to wait long for a maintenance or repair.

Buy an electric scooter

At Mobile Future, you are in the right place to buy an electric scooter. Mobile Future developed its own line of electrical scooters and also sells electrical scooters from other quality brands. If you’re considering buying an electrical scooter, Mobile Future is also the right place for maintenance and repair!

In recent years, E-steps are on the rise in Belgium and the Netherlands. This is not without reason. They have some very attractive advantages. So time to buy an electric scooter!

An electrical scooter is foldable, so you can easily take it with you on public transport or put it in the trunk of your car. Besides the well known applications to quickly go to the bakery, or to get to work, it is also very handy on city trips.

Knowing that the weight of a scooter is usually between 9 and 14 kg you can easily carry it up the stairs.

The e-step can be folded easily and quickly so you do not need much space to store it. If you want to buy an electric scooter that you can easily store you have come to the right place. All our work or hobby scooters are quick and easy to fold.

Did you know that you arrive somewhere 3 times faster with the electric scooter than when you walk there. With a good electric scooter you can even handle the speed of electric bikes. In crowded city centers you will get to your destination much faster with the electric scooter. No worries about speed limits or circulation plans.

With an electric scooter you drive electric, which means that besides the silent aspect you also drive ecologically. So your car is not required anymore in several circumstances. Buying an electric scooter means you can move around ecologically and with style.

Riding electric is easy. You do not need to have a driver’s license or be of a certain age. With a simple push of the button you are already on your way and you will reach your destination without any sweat. With a suit or in a t-shirt. Electric driving can be perfectly stylish on a scooter.

Participate in an alternative and ecological future and buy an electric scooter. Buy a scooter that allows you to dive into our local culture with ease. Make the ride of your life and choose Mobile Future.