Electric scooter Q&A

In the section below, we try to answer most questions about electric scooters. If you still have a more specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Electric Scooter How

In the first place, people are going to look at the design of an electric scooter first. The appearance and design should fit your taste. Of course, this is different for each person.

But it’s important that your scooter satisfies what you are going to use it for. The power of the motor determines the acceleration of your scooter and what incline it can handle. An average electric scooter has a motor output between 250 and 350 watts. If you like an electric scooter that accelerates well, choose rather a scooter with a 350W motor or more. If your route includes steep mountains then a 350 watt motor is definitely a must.

If you often ride on bumpy or unpaved roads, preferably choose a scooter with 10″ wheels. A scooter with 10″ wheels rides a lot more comfortably than a model with 8.5″ wheels. We also prefere wheels with pneumatic tires, not full tires as this significantly reduces ride comfort.

If you regularly plan long trips, or don’t feel like having to charge your scooter often, choose a high-capacity battery. We recommend a 10Ah battery.

An electric scooter is a two-wheeler with an aluminum chassis. Depending on the model, there is a motor on the front or rear wheel. Very powerful scooters, have a motor on both wheels. The electric motor is inside the wheel and is called a brushless motor. Since there are no carbon brushes in this motor, the motor is maintenance-free, and has a very long life under normal use. When you start driving, push the scooter to get going before the electric motor kicks in. The speed at which the electric motor turns on can usually be set. You can also choose to have the engine start immediately at idle but this is less safe. On the handlebars there is a throttle lever that controls the engine and allows for infinite speed control. So you choose how fast you want or can drive. Most electric scooters are also equipped with 3 “gears”, A low gear up to 10km/h, a middle gear up to 20km/h and the highest gear up to 25km/h or more. The better electric scooter also features “cruise control” so you don’t have to keep pushing the throttle. When you release the throttle, an electric brake kicks in to slow down the motor. The generated energy released during braking is used to recharge the battery. The electric brake is not enough to stop quickly if needed. That is why the better scooters are also equipped with a disc brake or drum brake to stop safely and quickly. Furthermore, there is a display on the handlebars that shows the current speed. A good scooter is also equipped with powerful front and rear lights, and when braking, the rear light will flash for added safety.

As with any vehicle, abide by local traffic regulations. Preferably wear a helmet for your safety.

When kicking off on an electric scooter, you must first “push off” like a traditional scooter without a motor. The electric motor becomes active only from a speed of 5 km/h.

Most scooters are equipped with 2 or 3 gears.

  • The “eco mode” is the lowest mode (+/- 10 km/h) with low consumption. Ideal for scooting on busy streets.
  • The “drive mode” is the default driving mode (+/- 20km/h). We recommend this mode for beginning steppers.
  • The “sport mode” is the mode of maximum acceleration and speed. Use these only for long distances and on good roads.

A speed limiter is active on all electric scooters so the maximum speed of 25 km/h is not exceeded.

An electric scooter has a folding mechanism that allows it to be folded in seconds. Usually a safety device must be pressed or removed before the folding mechanism can be opened.

An electric scooter always comes with a charger. The charger is connected to the scooter via the charging connector, usually at the bottom of the scooter.

The charger is equipped with a red and green LED. If the red LED lights up then the scooter is charging. If the green LED lights up then the scooter is fully charged.

The safest way to prevent your scooter from being stolen is to use a bracket lock or cable lock.

Always secure your scooter to a bike rack or pole.

Preferably use a solid lock to secure your scooter to a bike rack or pole.

If the scooter is used on private property then the limitation may be turned off.

Depending on the type of step, this can be done software-wise or through a modification to the wiring.

Electric Scooter What

For a decent scooter for daily use, count on a price between 400 and 600 Euro.

An electric scooter uses the same principle as a standard scooter but features an electric motor and a battery.

The best electric scooter is different for everyone. Everything depends on your needs and wishes. The most popular electric scooter is the Mobile Future Xmax. This scooter meets most of the needs for the largest group of people.

A good electric scooter is equipped with 10″ wheels and a battery of 10Ah or more.

Thanks to the 10″ wheels and pneumatic tires, you will have plenty of riding comfort on Belgian roads. With a 10Ah battery, you can cover rides up to 30 km.

Electric scooter Where

Again, this depends on your needs and desires. What distance you definitely wish to be able to cover, what is your weight, do you like to ride comfortably, etc.

At Mobile Future, you buy your electric scooter with confidence. You can do a test drive first so you can be sure you choose the right model.

After purchase, you can also come to us for maintenance and repairs.

Do not buy an electric scooter with wheels smaller than 8.5″. Our Belgian roads are anything but perfect.

A cheap scooter is equipped with a cheap battery with limited range and lifetime.

Buy your scooter wherever you are assured of service and maintenance.

An electric scooter may travel on public roads as long as it is tuned to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

You can mount a saddle on most electric scooters. However, driving an electric scooter with a seat is not allowed on public roads.

Electric scooter Which

This depends on your wants and needs. Contact us for advice.

All electric scooters are legal in Belgium as long as the speed limit is set at 25 km/h. A scooter with a saddle is not allowed on public roads.

In Belgium, all scooters are allowed on public roads if the speed limit is set at 25 km/h.

For young children, we have a special range with limited-speed. Please see our menu for the Ninebot Zing range.

The Ninebot Zing series of electric scooters are suitable for children ages 6 and up.

Mobile Future offers several top brands including Xiaomi, Ninebot, Speedway, Kaboo and Dualtron.

In addition, we offer our own private brand that has been carefully tested and selected.

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