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Who is Mobile Future ?


Did you know that the average Belgian has to rush against the clock an average of 100,000 times during his career ? Just think about the drive to school where you need to drop off or pick up your kids on time, get to work on time, take just that last light, find that parking, brave that traffic jam, make that extra customer call or bargain.

This equates to as many as 10 races against the clock daily. Have you asked yourself if you can do this faster, more fun and cheaper ? Life is too short to waste time in traffic jams, away from your loved ones in a frantic fear of not getting there on time again.

What if our electric scooter from Mobile Future could handle most (if not all) of these challenges?

As young people, we all came in contact with the manual step. An iron plank with 2 wheels where by means of a simple youthful impulse we were catapulted a few meters further. How much fun wasn’t this then ? The freedom, playfulness and uninhibited fun we had with this was not meant to be functional at the time. What if the electric scooter does it now?

What if the electric scooter could put an end to those various annual and even monthly fines for wrong speed or parking choices.

My partner and I fell in love with the electric scooter. For example, 1 of us himself has visited all the united states of America with his kickstep. With 1 hand holding the Iphone on Hollywood boulevard, the steep streets of San Francisco, the busy streets of New-York, with the other hand on the steering wheel.

Because of this experience and many others, my associate and I fell in love with the electric scooter and decided to multiply this way of life. Our goal is simple, we wish to offer alternative solutions that we would like to drive ourselves. For this, we are going to strive to make the scooter even more family-oriented.

Taking the 4-year-old son to school together on 1 scooter is already perfectly possible today in most circumstances, but why not go to the store, why not attach the e-step on the shoulders as in the past while we make our purchases in the supermarket? Why does it have to be heavy ? Technology does not stand still, so we plan to help further improve its popularity and functionality so that much of the work or family activities can be envisioned with an adapted electric scooter.

To make our passion chance of success, we already have a service point where you can have your purchased electric scooter serviced or repaired. Whether it was purchased from us or not does not matter. In our workshop we have plenty of accessories and supplies of the popular brands. In our workshop, you can have a tire repaired as well as a controller replaced.

Mobile future’s service point is located in Wilsele, a borough of the city of Leuven.

Delve into the world of Mobile Future and and be amazed by the market leaders and their more-than-equal alternatives.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable new lifestyle.

The Mobile Future Team