Electric kickscooter brands

Electric kickscooter – Mobile Future distributes all popular brands.

Check out our wide range of electric kickscooters and be sure to contact us so we can help you choose the right brand that best suits your needs !

Why choose the Mobile Future brand ?

  1. Direct contact with the developers and production. We only work with factories that listen to our comments and make the necessary adjustments or improvements we deem necessary to make your scooter even better.
  2. In case of defects or other problems you will be helped quickly. We have our own service center for repairs and maintenance.
  3. From our house brand we have all parts in stock. Tires, brake pads, batteries, controllers, displays, etc. So you do not have to wait long for a maintenance or repair.
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Electric kickscooter brands

There is a wide range on the market of electric kickscooter brands. The best-known brands such as Xiaomi and Ninebot offer standard e-steps that are mainly suitable for commuting. For these well-known brands, however, there are many interesting alternatives that offer additional functionality or service.

The big department stores mainly focus on these well-known brands. However, after-sales service is another matter. Often your scooter has to be sent to an authorized service center and that can take several weeks.

So don’t just choose a well-known brand name but also keep in mind after-sales service, maintenance and repairs. If you plan to buy an e-scooter for daily use, you should choose a partner who can offer you a fast service.

Advantages and disadvantages of different brands

Mobile Future

Our own brand of e-steps with an excellent price/quality ratio. Fast and correct service in case of maintenance or problems.


Well known brand, good quality.
In case of defect under warranty slow after-sales service. Must be sent to Xiaomi authorized service center = long waiting time.


Well-known brand, good quality.
If defect under warranty, slow after-sales service. Must be sent to authorized Segway service center = long waiting time
No cruise control on Ninebot e-steps.

Speedway, Kaboo, Dualtron, Vsett

Sporty e-steps of very high quality. Quick repairs in our service center.