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Ninebot electric scooter

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Ninebot is an established name in the world of the electric scooter. Especially the top model G30 max is a model you often encounter on the track.

Today, more and more people are using an electric scooter. Ninebot’s electric scooter is an environmentally friendly alternative for short rides.
The Ninebot electric scooter is best known to the general public due to the success of the Ninebot G30 Max. The Ninebot G30 Max electric scooter is a sturdy and very solid e-scooter with large 10″ wheels and a high-capacity battery allowing long and comfortable rides.

Typical of the Ninebot G30 electric scooter is that the charger is integrated into the footplate of the electric scooter. To recharge, only a 230V cord is needed.

Ninebot’s range of electric scooters was recently expanded with several new electric scooters including models with the battery in the handlebar and LED mood lighting under the footplate. Ninebot thus presents a complete range of electric scooters with something for everyone.

Ninebot has also come up with an electric scooter for younger riders. With the Zing electric scooters, Ninebot brings the pleasure of riding an electric scooter to the younger generation as well. Ninebot offers electric scooters suitable for children as young as 6 years old.

Ninebot scooters are limited in speed according to legal standards and are equipped with various braking systems to make the e-scooter as safe as possible. With the D-Series, Ninebot brings affordable models to the market. The most expensive model and also top model of the Ninebot electric scooter series is and remains the G30 max with its solid chassis and strong battery.

Ninebot is a household name when we talk about electric scooters. Did you know that the other popular electric scooter Xiaomi are made in the factories of Ninebot-Segway. That makes these two giants somewhat divide the monopoly in the market. Ninebot is better known as the big brother and in addition to more expensive models, it is also distinguished by its 10-inch wheels, while the cheaper Xiaomi sticks to 8.5-inch wheels.

A lot can be said about Ninebot. We used to speak of Ninebot-Segway. Meanwhile, this has evolved to merely Ninebot. In the Ninebot family, one distinguishes several models. Among them are the D-Series, F-Series and the latest very high-performance GT-Series.

The G30 can be seen as the best model in Ninebot’s range. With a range of up to 60km you can use it for most applications such as commuting but also longer trips are no problem.

However, there are several and equally valid alternatives to the Ninebot G30 electric scooter such as our Mobile Future Xmax. Don’t hesitate to read the test drive between both models. You may be amazed.