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E-step legislation

To use an electric scooter, you don’t need a driver’s license, but that doesn’t mean, of course, that as a rider you shouldn’t follow the highway code.

Since the electric scooter is not considered as a motor vehicle you only need to have a family insurance to cover your liability. The condition is that the scooter and bicycle cannot autonomously travel faster than 25 kilometers per hour.

The government has decided that from the summer of 2022 there will be a ban on minus 16 year olds and users will not be allowed to drive on the sidewalk. On e.g. the seafront or play streets, young people are still allowed to ride an e-step. In pedestrian zones, a sign will indicate whether e-steps are allowed at a walking pace or not. It is also forbidden to ride a scooter with two at a time.

Persons with limited mobility may still ride on the sidewalk.

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