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Why choose Mobile Future ?

  • Only the best brands
  • Quality Components
  • Branded batteries from LG, Samsung or Panasonic
  • Spare parts in stock for maintenance and repair
  • Belgian company, support local economy

The popularity of an electric scooter is increasing tremendously because it is an inexpensive means of transportation that requires little maintenance. Many large online shops are starting to offer electric scooters, sometimes at very low prices.

The price of an electric scooter is determined by the quality of the components used. Much of the price is determined by the battery in the scooter because it is one of the most important components.

The most important component in your e-scooter is the battery because this is the power source of your scooter. Thus, with a bad battery, your scooter will also perform poorly.

You may come across a scooter with a similar look but at a much cheaper price. In that case, the scooter is equipped with a much cheaper Chinese battery.
The warranty on these Chinese batteries is usually only 6 months. The performance and lifespan of these cheaper batteries is much lower than a quality battery from a well-known brand.

Mobile Future uses branded batteries from LG, Samsung or Panasonic with a two-year warranty. The performance and longevity of these batteries is many times higher.

Brand Battery

+ Longer lifespan
+ 1 or 2-year battery warranty
+ High performance even at lower battery levels

Chinese battery

– Lower lifespan
– Only 6 months warranty
– Performance decreases faster
– Faster chance of defects