Electric kickscooter accessories

Electric kickscooter accessories.

Accessories and gadgets for an e-step are indispensable if you use your e-step every day. Mobile Future offers all necessary accessories and gadgets for electric kick scooters.

With the electric kickscooter accessories, gadgets and parts you can completely personalize your e-step or replace damaged parts.

Electric kickscooter accessories

A lot of accessories and gear are available for an electric scooter. The most vital accessories that should definitely not be missed are a helmet and a lock. For electric kickscooters there are many useful accessories that make your ride easier or more comfortable. With the carrying bag that you can easily attach to the handlebar tube, you can easily carry small items during your ride. With the cell phone holder, your cell phone can be safely anchored to the handlebar of your electric scooter so you can make hands-free calls or use a navigation system.

There are many accessories for electric kickscooter to personalize your scooter. Different types of stickers are available, for example, to add a flashy background to your footplate. If you want to transport slightly larger items on your electric scooter, you can also do so with a carrying rack that can be mounted on the front or back of the scooter.

Various accessories for an electric kickscooter are also available for your comfort on the road. For example, mud flaps to mount on the wheels to prevent mud from splashing on your clothing. A miniature electric pump is also a great gadget. This allows you to keep your scooter’s tire pressure at the right pressure at all times to prevent flat tires.

In short, every possible accessory and accessory for an electric kickscooter is available today. Are you looking for certain accessories that you do not immediately find? Contact us because we have a very wide range of accessories and spare parts at our disposal.

Make it easy on yourself with electric scooter accessories and gear

In addition to an electric scooter, you can use many other accessories to make your daily life easier on an electric scooter. With Mobile Future, we’ve scoured the trade shows, the web especially for you, to list the gadgets and gizmos that can add value to your ride through the streets. The accessories start from the necessary helmets to handlebar-mounted cell phone holders, from tire pressure gauges to battery-powered mini compressors that automatically inflate the tire to the required pressure. Check out the different accessories below and be surprised.

A helmet may not be mandatory today when using a scooter, but it may be tomorrow. The European Union is currently looking into the matter and it seems to be moving toward making the use of a helmet on an electric scooter mandatory. This is already the case in the Netherlands, where they are recommending indicators in addition to the helmet.

The nice thing is that a helmet can be used not only on a scooter, but also on your bike as well as on your skis. Buying a helmet is never a luxury, especially when your head is fully grown.

A lock is a second standard accessory that everyone should install on their scooter. Such electric scooter accessory is not a luxury. The last thing you want is for your new toy that you have been firmly attached to lately to be stolen. As you can note under the locks section, there are certainly 3 types of locks: chain lock, a brake disc lock and a bracket lock.

A third electrical accessory that could also greatly appeal to you is a carrying bag. Personally, I believe that a scooter is not just a means of transportation that you use primarily to run errands. You read it correctly errands. In other words, small errands. If the groceries are a bit bigger and you don’t have a second car, you can put a sports bag on your back and hide your purchases. I have a cloth backpack that weighs about 200 grams and I use it all the time. The 4 straps, 2 on the left and 2 on the right, ensure a stable attachment and accept a solid weight of at least 6/8 kg without tearing.

Finally, a cell phone holder where you can mount your phone or your gps is also super handy. If you want to use the scooter to visit cities or find your way around a city, nothing is more useful in the last 20 years than a GPS, especially when you can use it in the safest conditions.

With Mobile Future we continue to look for useful accessories and will not hesitate to introduce them over time.