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Electric scooter brushless motor

A brushless DC motor is a motor in which no carbon brushes are used for the electrical connection between the stator and rotor.

In a brushless motor, the electrical coils are in the stator, (the part of the motor that does not rotate) while the magnets are in the rotor. (the rotating part attached to the wheel)

In a classic electric motor there are carbon brushes that wear out over time and need to be replaced regularly. Thanks to the absence of carbon brushes, the brushless DC motor in an electric scooter is completely maintenance-free. By this way, the motor in your electric scooter does not require any maintenance.

The brushless DC motor is controlled by an electronic device, the ‘controller’. The controller constantly measures the position of the rotor using a HAL sensor, and controls the motor in the most efficient manner.

The brushless motor has many advantages such as:

  • virtually indestructible
  • maintenance-free
  • quiet operation
  • powerfull