Electric scooter ecocheque

Purchasing an electric scooter with ecocheque is no problem at Mobile Future.

Mobile Future accepts eco vouchers from Pluxee,Monizze and Edenred for the purchase of an electric scooter.

During checkout on the web shop, you can choose ecocheque payment with Pluxee, Edenred or Monizze.

  • You will be redirected to the portal of the ecocheque merchant
  • You can pay part of the amount with ecocheque and the rest with another payment method e.g. bancontact.

We also have a payment terminal in our store so you can also pay with ecocheque in our shop.

pluxee ecocheque

Buying an electric scooter with ecocheque is ideal for getting acquainted with the world of electric scooters.

Eco-vouchers often allow employees to purchase products that reduce their carbon footprint, such as energy-efficient appliances, reusable products, organic food, and other eco-friendly goods. The specific rules and list of allowed products may vary by country and region.

The use of eco-vouchers is usually subject to certain conditions and not all products and services are eligible.

With the eco voucher, you can purchase not only an electric scooter but also accessories such as a helmet.

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