Electric kickscooter with saddle

Electric kickscooter with saddle is ideal for people with limited mobility. A saddle makes those extra long rides just a little more comfortable. If your electric kickscooter does not have a special provision for attaching a saddle, don’t worry. There are universal solutions where the saddle can be clamped securely to the foot plate of the kickscooter.

An e-step can therefore easily be adapted to an electric scooter with a saddle.

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Electric scooter with saddle

Electric kickscooter saddle is currently not a normal sight on a kickscooter, but it is a tendency that has been firmly established in recent years. And this is not abnormal. Share scooters have provided a solid boost to the popularity of share scooters in recent years. Now that we see them more and more, now that they are used more and more, it is logical that they are more and more adapted to an optimal application for everyone. And a saddle cannot be missing from this.

If you think about it a little, this is not so strange. You certainly think of the elderly who are less stable and for whom such a saddle is more comfortable. Yet these prejudices are not correct. Not later as yesterday I saw a twenty-something with a built-in saddle that consisted of an upturned garbage can. You don’t have to imagine it so foolishly

A saddle can likewise be handy for all those who have difficulty walking. Convenient may even be a euphemism. For some people, it may even be the best mode of transportation ever. Despite the fact that a kickscooter with a saddle already looks a bit more like a real e-scooter or moped, one noticeable difference is that it is easier to handle.

In addition, do not underestimate that this new position provides a better distribution of weight. You are less high up on the scooter, which means that gravity is lower. Moreover, gravity is distributed over a larger area on the electric scooter which enhances control.

It is also not that unnatural anymore, when you know that you are also resting on a saddle when touring around on a bike or scooter. If you wish to purchase an electric scooter with a saddle, it is certainly interesting to contact Mobile Future so we can recommend a model with an easily removable saddle.

Attention : an electric kickscooter with saddle is considered a class A moped in the Belgian traffic regulations. A moped class A requires a driver’s license and insurance.