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Mobile Future Basic review

Review of our electric scooter Mobile Future Basic. A great entry-level model to get introduced to the world of electric scooters.

Here we go for another review of our e-step Basic on a sunny day on the Belgian coast at Knokke, Duinbergen and Heist.

Since the official range of the Basic is 20 km, I note that this is the first time an electric scooter has exceeded this officially communicated range.

elektric e-scooter mobile future basic test drive
E-step Basic review - Knokke june 13 2021


The production always communicates the range based on a weight of 65 kg in the economic mode (15 km/h). So these results were surprisingly positive. I don’t know any e-scooter that goes more distance than the one communicated, except as of now the Mobile Future Basic. With this scooter, we covered 21 km.

21,08 km




14 Km/u

Average speed

Mobile Future Basic review - The results

With the second test, we were able to prove that you can drive up and back the entire seawall and do so from the end of Heist to the end of Knokke. Translated, this means from the end of the seawall (or the first terminal of Zeebrugge) to the Rabbit (or the beginning of the Zwin) and backwards.

During this second test there was slightly less wind than the previous day. The distance was also shorter and the confidence to reach the goal was almost 100% secure throughout the trip. This second test drive was on a sunny Sunday with over 20 degrees in June. So the number of people at 3 or 4 keyspots was much larger which meant that I occasionally had to slow down or at least brake more often for the (inattentive) crossing pedestrian.

At the end of this trip, started from Rubens Square, there was still enough battery capacity left for another 2 to 4 km range. Back from the Rabbit, I took some more time to take pictures.

Driving comfort

Surprising are not only the statistical results. Driving this Mobile Future Basic is also very comfortable. This is in contrast to the tires used. Those were honeycomb tires, which means they are in full rubber and can’t go flat. So comfort should go down, but was compensated for by the suspension on the rear tire.

In fact, during both rides I was a big fan of this scooter. From the moment you have used the Mobile Future Basic on normal quality roads, you will not experience any inconvenience. And at no time did I experience an unpleasant moment while riding the Basic scooter. The braking power even gave me confidence that I could stop in time if I needed to.


Its light weight (12kg), looks combined with the absolutely interesting price of 375€ make this scooter a perfect option for your second stay at the Belgian coast. For home use, the Mobile Future Basic can also please many steppers and should be considered when you want to buy one. The maximum load of this scooter is 100 kg.

Conclusion Mobile Future Basic

The Mobile Future Basic is an excellent e-step for those who want to ride short distances. The Mobile Future basic is also a great choice for those who want to be introduced to the world of electric scooters.

The range varies between 14 and 20 km depending on your weight and driving style.

Thanks to its low weight, the Mobile Future basic is easily portable and great for short trips.

The advantage of the full tires is that you can’t go flat. The slightly lesser ride comfort is partially offset by the rear suspension.