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Mobile Future X9 pro electric scooter is an e-step with everything on it and one of the best e-steps of the moment. Ride comfort guaranteed with the X9 electric scooter thanks to its high and wide footplate and thick 10″ tires. No lack of breaking power with the two disc brakes. The removable 48V 15.6Ah battery provides autonomy of up to 75 km!

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Mobile Future X9 - the Mercedes among e-steps

Available versions :

  • 48V – 550W motor – battery 15,6Ah = autonomy up to 75km

The Mobile Future X9 really has it all and is among the best e-step in its price category. The X9 meets strict German safety and certification requirements and outperforms well-known and popular brands in all areas.

So what distinguishes the X9 from other popular brands ?

  • A sturdy and robust chassis
  • No protruding cables
  • Wide handlebars with sturdy non-slip grips
  • Two disc brakes
  • Wide footplate for greater comfort
  • 10-inch wheels with wide tires
  • 15Ah battery with an actual tested autonomy of up to 75 km!
  • Easily removable battery that can also be recharged elsewhere
  • A powerful 48V 550W motor that also does its job uphill
  • Acceleration fun with the X9 pro thanks to its powerful motor and 48V battery
  • Bright lighting
  • Sufficient space between the footplate and the ground so you can safely drive up a stitch

Mobile Future S9 pro and contra

+ Range up to 75km with 48V 15.6Ah battery
+ Large 10″ wheels with wide pneumatic tires
+ Powerful 550W motor
+ Slopes up to 25°
+ Wide handlebars with sturdy grips
+ Disc brake on front and rear wheel
+ Wide and high footplate provides ample space
+ Rear-wheel drive
+ Cruise control
+ Quickly replaceable battery
+ No protruding cables

– Weighs slightly more than a standard scooter
– lightly more expensive price range

Safety first

Safety guaranteed with this electric scooter thanks to its wide footplate of 183 mm. Plenty of room to scoot around in a relaxed manner. Driving up a brow can be done without danger thanks to the 20.5 cm distance between the footplate and the road surface.

Fast and powerful braking is not a problem for the X9 thanks to its four-way braking system. In fact, the X9 is equipped with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, an electric brake and a foot brake.

No visible cables

No visible cables or brake lines with this unique scooter. All cables are neatly hidden in the chassis. This eliminates dangerous situations on your route where pipes can get stuck behind objects.

Powerful engine

The X9 pro is equipped with a powerful 550W motor on the rear wheel with peak power up to 1000W.

Slopes up to 25 degrees are no problem for this X9. The engine’s smooth acceleration and maximum speed of up to 40 km/h take your ride to the next level.

The 15.6 Ah capacity battery offers a maximum radius of up to 75 km. So long rides are no problem at all for the X9.

Ready for the future

The X9 is future-ready and already equipped with a license plate holder.

Mobile Future’s X9 electric scooter takes electric scooter riding to the next level.

Full enjoyment without sacrificing quality with this great electric scooter!

Additional information

Weight21 kg
Dimensions111 × 50 × 123 cm

E-step type

, ,

Engine power

Battery voltage

Battery Ah


Charging time


Speed limit at 25km/h

Dimensions folded

111 x 50 x54 cm

Front tire

Rear tire

License plate holder

Turn signals


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