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Electric scooter belgium

Central location for electric scooter Belgium

With Mobile Future, we have chosen a central location for electric step Belgium. Our main destination Wilsele, as a suburb of Leuven, is located 20 min from Brussels, 1h from Holland and Germany and 1.5h from Luxembourg, France and England. Mobile Future, based in Belgium also wants to supply the Dutch big brother. Since our Dutch neighbors are very commercially minded, we plan to add some unique products; main scooters and accessories namely, to our range that they do not know there. So we assume that we will be the first in the Benelux to launch a quality affordable carbon electric scooter. We will succeed in this because we are, in fact, the only ones who offer exclusively electric scooters both physically and online.

Electric scooters are popular in Belgium

But not yet for a long time indeed. A few years ago, share scooters provided an entry into electric scooters in some of Belgium’s major cities. Now users are more and more aware of the benefit and, as always, a Belgian would rather have something than rent something. The corona crisis also makes the belgian eager to acquire something to compensate for the numerous despondent moments they experience, where the limitation on team sports or spending on drinks and dinners in the hospitality industry is sustained.

Electric scooters in Belgium are booming

Meanwhile, you can already find these in various locations: from Electrical stores, which offer an electric scooter like to include to supplement as online stores (with or without service center). Physical stores that survive with purely electric scooters unfortunately do not exist. These are always seen as complementary to bicycles or motos…. With Mobile Future, we do move in that direction. We believe so much in the one mobile solution that other vehicles are just an afterthought. For this to be possible, there must first be numerous electric scooters running in Belgium. This well-run economy will allow us to invest in a number of test scooters that will eventually become the new standard.

Officially, electric scooters are not allowed to go faster than 25 km/h in Belgium.

Why is that? Surely some scooters can accelerate up to 80/100 km/h. When do we talk about an electric scooter and when does it evolve into an electric motorcycle? Is a helmet mandatory? Will the electric scooter also have to have directional indicators in Belgium? There is still a solid evolution ahead in this area in Belgium. The electric scooter in Belgium is only at its beginning. How this will evolves, we with Mobile Future are happy to draw it out for you.

Electric scooter Leuven Sales & Service center

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