Electric scooter second hand

Mobile Future regularly has a supply of electric scooter second-hand. These are usually scooters that have been used as a showroom model or used only as a test model to make a review. All scooters are technically serviced and worn parts are replaced.

Electric scooter second hand & purchase

You already have an electric scooter but you would like to buy a new or better model? This is possible at Mobile Future. You can also contact us to take over your scooter. If your 2nd hand scooter is still in good condition, we make sure it gets a second life with a new owner. This way, we can help recycle and reduce waste!

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Is a 2ndhand scooter reliable ?

That depends on who you buy it from, of course. If you buy from a private person, there is usually no clear agreement on warranty.

At Mobile Future you can rest easy if you buy an electric scooter second hand. Depending on the model, we give 6 months to 1 year warranty on your purchase. On the battery we usually give 6 months warranty.