Review Mobile Future S9 versus X10

What a beautiful afternoon for a test drive of our newest Model , called our Mobile Future S9. On a day where temperatures were approaching 20°C, we did have to do an interesting test drive. Which model is better than our latest Mobile Future S9, a model that can be perceived between a sports model as well as all-rounder.

To keep up with the competition, we found few alternatives on the market and our choice was quickly placed on the Mobile Future X10 which in my opinion is the better buy of the market because of all its options and comfort on all types of roads.

mobile future s9 review
E-step X10 review - Wilrijk september 18 2021
Testrit X10 vs S9 Deel 1
Test Drive Mobile Future S9 versus X10 part 1
Testrit X10 vs S9 Deel 2
Test Drive Mobile Future S9 versus X10 part 2

Review S9 versus X10 the results

The Mobile Future S9 is distinguished by a sturdier frame with a 1-piece fixed steering shaft. The wider and more imposing tires , the longer and wider footplate proves that you are rightly in a higher price range. You can pick up the Mobile Future S9 for just under 1,100€ while the X10 is yours for 850€. A significant difference that will have to prove itself during the test drive of more than 3.5 hours where a good 37km was covered with countless stops.

For this test drive, we went to admire the surroundings of the pearl of the Kempen. The test ride departed from the Municipal Park of Brasschaat where, among other things, the 10-time field hockey champion of Belgium Dragons is located.

From this location, we began our second test run of 2022. I did this with my companion Oliver who I noticed early on was anything but a born stepper. This noticed itself with the first brake job where the right one stood for the front brake and the left one for the rear brake. And as with a Quad, it is wise never to leave your vehicle while it was still in motion. After this initial finding, the trip went smoothly, with a very large number of stops as I planned to comb through all the snapshots of this fantastic nature and environment. I had been looking forward to this for several months.

At a normal pace, we passed through this time’s sparsely populated forest roads toward the Dairy at the Peerdsbos. The Melkerij is a beautiful farmstead that has evolved over the centuries into a farm and itself a café where you can enjoy a drink as well as delicious pancakes near the playground. From here we continued stepping to Schoten and its park where you can catch a glimpse of the castle of Schoten which is now used by the municipality as a cultural center. Despite the fact that this was an ideal napping spot for with this weather we soon completed our journey towards Wijnegem and the Albert Canal where we experienced one and the same emotion.

At this point we noted that both of our battery indicators were already halfway through while we had covered about 12km with an extensive number of stops And those first few kilometers went smoothly. Not surprisingly, the S9 was more powerful with its 200W of extra power in acceleration as well as in its maximum speed. Now my companion weighed 105kg, while I with my 85kg took the Mobile Future X10 for the whole ride. The sedate driving style allowed me to keep up with my companion at all times.

A little further on, we passed Pulhof castle or moated castle in Wijnegem. A beautiful 27ha domain where many a person passes towards the pearl of the Kempen.

The Old birdy and the Vogelenzang were the next stops on the program upon entering my favorite community of Schilde.

In this community we stopped at the castle of ‘s-Gravenwezel with all its cobblestones and forest paths, golf resort Rinkven before finally having something to eat at the charming Royal Antwerp Hockey Club.

So far both steps had done extremely well and a good 21.72 km had already been covered with no special mentions to share.

The power of both steps remained optimal. For the S9, this is nothing special since it was fairly new. For mobile Future’s X10 electric scooter, this was yet another confirmation that it is an excellent purchase. The difference between the two scooters lies mainly in the options.

With a Mobile Future X10, you can enjoy turn signals, as well as adjustable handlebars and pliable grips which favors the ergonomic aspect of this scooter well, without having any impact on the fun on the handlebars. As previously described in a previous review, the electric scooter X10 from mobile Future can handle all roads perfectly. It is an ideal all-rounder that you can carry quite easily if you allow for 19 kg of mass in your car trunk.

The Mobile Future S9 stands out in a sturdy reliable and convincing chassis that does not fold throughout the ride, nor does it demonstrate any noise or sagging. The modern alignments make this appearance more future proof as the simpler classic functional looks of the X10. Its top speed is at 40km/h while it is 35km/h for the X10.

Now as always indicated the legal speed is 25km/h and all e-scooters are supplied at that speed. My experience shows that from 29-30km/h with a standard scooter with 1 brake you are already going on the dangerous ride. With these 2 steps I set the limit due to their double high-performance braking system at 35km/h on private property.

With just under 10 km to go on the counter, we start this last ride with only 1 indication left on the battery. This did not stop us from holding alot of stops.

I had already visited the municipal park of Brasschaat countless times but had never noticed how big, how beautiful and how many sports clubs are located here. The Brasschaat Castle, for example, could not be missing from the souvenirs and is obviously an ideal location for a future tourist trip.

After riding 38km, waving goodbye to my companion and 4h further on my watch, I set aside the Mobile Future X10 as well as deactivated the GPS just to be sure.

This did not stop me from driving a little further on my own with the Mobile Future S9. After a 10min non-stop ride at decent speed and having passed the 40km mark it was time to return home.

In short The mobile Future S9 is absolutely a master in its price range. If you have to compare it with other notorious models in its price range, you can put the Dualtron Mini next to it. My experience tells me that Mobile Future S9 handles the smallest member of the family of Minimotors perfectly on all fronts.

More so based on feeling, you may give me the Mobile Future S9 because of its functionality.

With its 2 powerful disc brakes, its imposing stature, its top speed you can take on anything and anyone.

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