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Electric scooter safety

Safety is important when it comes to safe driving in traffic. Fortunately, the danger of riding an electric scooter is rather limited because the legal speed is limited to 25km/h.

You can drive safely by proactively anticipating potential obstacles in your direction of travel as well as watching carefully for possible overtaking maneuvers by oncoming traffic. An electric scooter is quite limited in size and not always visible in traffic.

With the help of good lighting in the front as well as in the back, you will be noticed more quickly; most e-steps also activate a flashing taillight with each braking maneuver.

It is wise to always wear a helmet while scooting anyway.

Now you can likewise obtain higher safety by having more control over your scooter. The difference in tires contributes immensely to this. If you choose an electric scooter with 8.5″ tires, you will not only sacrifice comfort but also safety. Following the tracks of subway trains with an 8.5″ tire can become painful. With 10” tires, you won’t get caught in these tracks.

This should be an important reassurance for users in major cities. Even for environments with many stone roads, the difference between a 10-inch and an 8-inch is significant. However, driving pleasure (thanks to higher comfort) as well as safety is a lot higher based on this choice.

For sporty steppers, it is important to know that most electric scooters have one brake. The brake lever is almost always on the left side of the handlebar which makes using a cell phone or riding with one hand difficult. If you decide to call/drive with 1 hand anyway, you will not have time to apply the brake to avoid an obstacle. According to our perception, the ultimate electric scooter should consist of two brakes because of the better stopping distance and because of the fact that there are always persons who are not going to be able to resist picking up the phone.

Electric scooter general safety advice

  • Night rides should be avoided in any case, wear a helmet and other protectors (knees, elbows, hands, upper body, etc.) And ride safely.
  • Choose a speed mode that suits the situation. Choose a slow speed when driving in crowded places to allow for timely stops.
  • When turning left or right, slow down to avoid rollover or slip hazards.
  • To go backwards, it is safer if you get off the electric scooter after stopping before moving.
  • Avoid slippery roads, crowded places, steep slopes, roads at risk of accidents or uneven roads.
  • When crossing a crosswalk, dismount for pedestrian safety.
  • When passing speed bumps or other obstacles, slow down.
  • When decelerating or braking, do not stop with your foot, but stop and use the brake correctly.
  • It is not safe to drive by holding the steering wheel with only one hand.
  • Do not drive with the kick extended.
elektrische step veiligheid - water

Be careful with water!

The electric scooter has a protection rating of IP54. This means the electric scooter is resistant to “water splashes”. Never allow water to enter the scooter or its components. Never use the electric scooter when the road is wet due to rain or snow. Water intrusion can lead to failure or short circuit and fire.

elektrische step veiligheid - kabels

Beware of rotating parts!

Body parts or clothing may become entangled in rotating parts. This can lead to serious injury. Please be careful.

elektrische step veiligheid - stunten

Do not stunt

Performing stunts and dropping the electric scooter is forbidden as this may damage the product and may lead to malfunction and accidents.

elektrische step veiligheid - alleen rijden

No companion

The electric scooter is intended for one adult only; riding together with other people or children is not allowed and very dangerous. Too much weight can lead to damage.

elektrische step veiligheid - no tuning

Do not manipulate the speed limit

Do not perform any modifications to the electric scooter’s motor, battery or controller yourself.

elektrische step veiligheid - verkeersreglement

Comply with local laws

If using the electric scooter on public roads, always follow local regulations. Check also: Electric scooter legislation

elektrische step veiligheid - snelheid

Start at low speed

For beginners, it is recommended to practice at a low speed first. Do not switch to high speeds until you are used to drive with the electric scooter. First practice in a safe place.

elektrische step veiligheid - remmen

Do not brake abruptly

If your electric scooter is equipped with a front brake do not use it to brake abruptly. Always use both front and rear brakes for emergency braking.

elektrische step veiligheid - bergaf

Don’t speed up downhill

Always slow down when descending. Do not accelerate when driving down a long mountain to avoid hard braking, which could cause the brakes to overheat.

elektrische step veiligheid - bergop

Do not drive on too steep slopes

Always refer to the maximum inclination of the electric scooter in the manual. Driving up hills that are too steep can cause the engine to overheat.

elektrische step veiligheid - gewicht

Warning when lifting the product

Do not lift the electric scooter by holding only the handle but always use two hands. Always bend your knees to avoid back pain.

elektrische step veiligheid - draag een helm

Wear safety equipment

For safety, always wear a helmet and other protective equipment (knee, elbow, hand, upper body). Do not wear slippers but strong shoes.