Electric kickscooter lock

Electric kickscooter lock reduces the risk of theft of your e-scooter. Electric kickscooters are becoming increasingly popular, also among thieves.  Most electric kickscooters do not have a built-in lock as standard. It is therefore best to take a lock with you if your electric scooter has to be left in an unguarded place.

You can also lock some electric scooters via an app, such as our Electric scooter XMax. However, this does not prevent thieves from stealing your electric scooter. Mechanical security is still the most reliable way to secure your electric scooter to a bicycle rack or pole.

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Electric kickscooter lock

An electric kickscooter lock is no luxury for a e-scooter, as everyone knows by now. Just like your car or house has an alarm, it is the most normal thing in the world to equip your bike, moped or electric kickscooter with an electric lock as well. Meanwhile, electric scooters are in high demand. The thought of your recently purchased electric scooter disappearing is more than just an unpleasant thought. Therefore, always secure your cherished property.

Over time, the purchase of an electric scooter will be perceived as an important purchase. The purchase is not just another purchase like you make 10 or so in a year. The purchase will fairly soon have an emotional value, a bit like a car but on a more limited scale. It has been proven that the value money ratio for an electric scooter itself is greater than for a car! Pretty surprising, isn’t it? Everyone can probably remember an item they lost or saw stolen when they were young. An item precious to you e.g. a doll, walk-man, watch (in my case), diamonds, money, bicycle etc. Now imagine the emotions you felt in the process when this object of emotional value was stolen. Did it hurt? Had you known this would you have handled it differently ?

Well, to cope with this unpleasant experience, every kickscooter owner can use an alarm that comes on with every unexpected movement of the scooter or easier the use of a chain lock. An alarm (operated by remote control or not) can be a nice gadget that also gives a cool image, but is not so much reliable or effective. With Mobile Future, we are always looking for the better accessories and regularly try out new alarms. Today, a lock is the best prevention against theft.

Thus, there are 3 types of locks suitable to safely store an electric kickscooter.

A brake disc lock
If your electric scooter is equipped with brake discs, then a brake disc lock can be used. The brake disc lock locks the wheel and features a steel cable that allows you to secure the scooter to a pole or bike rack. The steel cable on a brake disc lock is not that thick so it can still be easily cut. So absolute security is not guaranteed with this type of lock.

A chain lock
A classic chain lock provides better security because the thick chain cannot be easily cut. In addition, the longer the chain, the more options there are to secure your scooter.

A U-lock
A shackle lock offers the best security because it is made of hardened steel. The options for securing your scooter are more limited than with a chain lock but this is the most reliable lock!
Originally, bracket locks were quite bulky. Fortunately, there are also smaller versions that complete their function perfectly.