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Are you lost among all those different tire types for electric scooters? It is not always clear which band to choose. Full tires, honeycomb tires, tires with or without inner tubes, … It can be hard to find your way!

However, this is not something to be left to chance. Choosing the right tires according to your needs is an important choice. All tire types are very different, with their own advantages and disadvantages. While one type of tire is perfect for some, its use will not be appropriate for others.

And that’s not just a detail, you only have to think about their function to realize how important tires are: they are the only contact your e-step has with the road, and that’s all. This makes them an important factor in your safety, your riding comfort and the longevity of your scooter.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to tires for electric scooters. Type, maat, compatibiliteit, onderhoud: ze hebben vanaf nu geen geheimen meer voor u!

band met binnenband
Tire with inner tube
band zonder binnenband tubeless
Tire without inner tube
volle band
Full tire
honingraat band
Honeycomb tire

Types of tires - advantages and disadvantages

For electric scooters, there are 4 types of tires grouped into 2 families (pneumatic tires and solid tires).

1. Which tire to choose - pneumatic tires

Advantages of pneumatic tires :

  • Higher top speed
  • Bigger range
  • Better shock absorption
  • Better grip

Disadvantages of pneumatic tires :

  • Flat tires
  • Check tire pressure regularly

Pneumatic tires are made of soft rubber and use air pressure to maintain their structure. However, air can also deform the tire for a cushioning effect.

Pneumatic tires have a valve protruding from the sidewall or center of the rim that serves to inflate or release the air in the tire (and to check tire pressure). Most vehicles use pneumatic tires.

Advantages of pneumatic tires :

Pneumatic tires for electric scooters have lower rolling friction, so they lose less energy when in contact with the road. As a result, they have a longer range and higher top speed.

Thanks to the air pressure in the tire, they can absorb shock better than solid tires. This is especially true of e-steps without suspension, where the tires are the only form of suspension.

Finally, they slip less easily and you can stop faster and more safely (even in wet conditions). They also offer very good roadholding.

Disadvantages of pneumatic tires :

The two most common problems are a flat tire, and tire pressure should be checked regularly.

With pneumatic tires, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. Properly inflated tires can make the difference between a good and bad driving experience. For example, if you use a lower tire pressure than recommended, you increase your comfort but at the expense of road grip. Therefore, it is essential to keep your tires at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

To keep your tire properly inflated with ease, we recommend using our electric pumps. This pump can save you in many situations.

Although these problems can be avoided with solid tires, it should be noted that pneumatic tires for e-steps generally perform better.

Pneumatic tires are divided into two categories: tubeless tires and tires with an inner tube.

Tubeless tires

Advantages of tubeless tires :

  • More resistant to punctures
  • Better performance

Disadvantages of tubeless tires :

  • More expensive
  • More difficult to replace

Tubeless tires are often used on the more expensive electric scooters. They are usually more efficient and more resistant to leaks.

The strength of the tire is related to its construction: it forms a direct seal around the rim, which in turn contains the valve.

Tubeless tires, however, are quite difficult to replace in case of a puncture or wear. Some e-steps allow you to change your tire yourself. But in most cases, this cannot be done without damaging the rim. So you better leave this to a specialist like Mobile Future. Use our request form Electric scooter tire replacement

Tires with inner tubes

Benefits tire with inner tube :

  • Easier to replace
  • Less expensive

Disadvantages of tire with inner tube :

  • Less resistant to punctures
  • Less efficient

Inner tubes are very common on electric scooters and on bicycles. They have the peculiarity of being composed of two parts:

  • a heavy outer tire with treads in contact with the road
  • the inner tube in the tire, which contains the air.

This structure gives these tires the advantage of being easier to replace in the event of a puncture. Only the inner tube needs to be repaired or replaced. This is less difficult than replacing the entire tire.

2. Which tire to choose - full tires

Benefits of full tires :
  • No flat tires
  • No maintenance
Disadvantages of full tires :
  • Less range
  • Less torque
  • Less driving comfort
  • Less grip
  • Very difficult to replace

Full tires for electric scooters are often called “maintenance-free” or “indestructible,” and for good reason! They are completely immune to punctures. This is because they are made of a strong rubber or polyurethane foam filling material to ensure structural integrity (rather than using air pressure). This is their main and only advantage. In all other respects, solid tires do not perform as well as pneumatic tires.

In reality, however, solid tires are not necessarily more durable than pneumatic tires. They do not crack, but their plastic wears faster due to their higher coefficient of friction. For example, it is not uncommon for the tire to lose a piece of rubber.

It is also important to note that solid tires are very difficult to replace.

The benefits of full tires:

You can ride over rough terrain without worrying about a flat tire. You also don’t have to worry about maintaining proper air pressure through inflation, which reduces the maintenance burden.

Disadvantages of full tires :

Solid tires are heavier due to the greater density of the materials used. This has a negative effect on the electric scooter’s range and torque.

They are very poor at absorbing uneven terrain, drastically reducing ride comfort. Vibrations are also much more noticeable with solid tires than with pneumatic tires.

As a result, there is a higher risk of :

  • faster wear of the bearings (rotating elements)
  • breaking off the spot welds inside the battery

Moreover, due to their hardness, the surface area of the tire in contact with the road is smaller. This has a negative effect on the tire’s grip on the road. Finally, with a solid tire on the front axle, the steering line becomes lighter. This makes it harder to feel the road and complicates one-handed driving.

There are two types of solid tires : the honeycomb tire and the 100% solid tire.

Honeycomb tires

Benefits of honeycomb tires :

  • Better ride comfort than a 100% solid tire

Disadvantages of honeycomb tires :

  • Less durable than a 100% solid tire
  • More expensive

Honeycomb tires are made of the same rubber as other solid tires, but with a special structure. In fact, they have an internal honeycomb structure, which ensures structural integrity.

Thus, these tires offer better cushioning than 100% solid tires and are usually lighter. The goal is to provide the benefits of a solid tire with the comfort of a pneumatic tire.

Ride comfort with honeycomb tires is slightly better than with 100% solid tires but they do not offer the same comfort as pneumatic tires.

Solid tires

Advantages :

  • Ultra resistant

Disadvantages :

  • Substantial loss of comfort

Solid tires are heavier and stiffer in construction. They consist of a carcass of rubber, foam or another strong polymer. These materials are usually very durable, but can easily become damaged or worn over time.

Wear usually does not render solid tires unusable, but it does make them less safe.

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