Which driver’s license for electric scooter

What driver's license do I need for an electric scooter ?

Only a electric scooter with a maximum speed of 25 km/h (class A) does not require a driver’s license. The minimum age is 16. For all other scooters or motorcycles, you need a driver’s license.

Insurance is always mandatory for all categories.

Which license for which type of scooter ?

  • Electric scooter class A, maximum speed 25 km/h> no driver’s license required > minimum age 16 years
  • Scooter max. 4kW (class B 50cc) > max. 45 km/h = AM driving license required (also speed pedelec) > minimum age 16 years
  • Light motorcycle max 11kW (125cc) > A1 driving license required > minimum age 18 years
  • Medium-duty motorcycle max. 35kW > A2 driving license required > minimum age 20 years
  • Heavy motorcycle more than 35kW > driver’s license A required > minimum age 24 years

Do you hold a B (car) driver’s license that was issued before May 1, 2011? Then you may drive an A1 motorcycle, but only in Belgium. To drive abroad, you must first obtain an A1 driver’s license.

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