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Ninebot G30 vs Xmax

Why do 2 similar looking electric scooters differ so much in price ? So is there a difference in quality here ? Are we talking about exactly the same scooter ?

Is this a bad choice or is it better to go for the original brand ?

We did the test. We compared the original Ninebot G30 max version with our alternative, the Mobile Future Xmax.

We at Mobile Future wish to guide you through the various options you may encounter when looking for an electric scooter over the Internet. So it is important to distinguish visual differences, as well as non-visible elements. By non-visible elements, we mean the main components of an electric scooter such as the battery, controller, display and motor.

The fact is that all of these elements can make a significant difference in price. A visually identical scooter with a lower quality battery can easily cost up to 100€ less. Nor can it be called a bad purchase now. Now if you purchase a more affordable copy, it is certainly equally interesting to be open to other cheaper alternatives. From our experience, we find that these alternatives (with similar looks or otherwise) can provide even better performance and/or can be purchased more cheaply.

We at Mobile Future, specializing in trade with Asia for 12 years have purchased numerous electric alternatives of the Ninebot G30 and tested them.

One of the models that most appeals to us for the sake of its identical identity but very interesting features is the Mobile Future XMax at 599€.

If you are planning to buy a Ninebot G30 at 799€ or 675€, it is certainly interesting to try out the equivalent alternative at our store in Leuven.

We were so impressed that the XMax will be under our brand name.

With its 500W motor, we can even talk about better standard acceleration and top speeds as the original Ninebot G30. Pretty surprising knowing that the Ninebot G30 is perceived as the top model in the series.

SpecificatiesNinebot Max G30E IIMobile Future Xmax
Prijs879 €650 €
Bereik45 km45 km
Oplaadtijd6 uur6 uur
Max snelheid30 km/h30 km/h
Netto gewicht18,7 kg16 kg
Batterij15,3 Ah15,6 Ah
Cruise controlNeeJa
OpladerIn voetplaatApart

Test ride and review Ninebot G30 Max vs Mobile Future XMax

On Saturday, March 6, 2021 we did a ride starting from Wilrijk, starting from the Prince Boudewijnlaan over the Elizabetlaan, along the main road in Berchem. From this location around the ring, we pretty much drove the city section up and down, not limiting ourselves to 1 or the other length. We passed Marnix Square, Museum of Fine Arts, Scheldt Quays, Justice Palace, New South, Konijnepijp, , St Anneke, City Hall, Trade Fair, Meir, Central Station and the City Park before driving back to Wilrijk. The observation was reassuring.

Besides the financial aspect, we noted that in addition to better acceleration, the Xmax rode faster on average during the 2-hour test. And this at the beginning by 3 km/h and at the end up to 4~5 km/h faster than the official Ninebot G30. Pretty surprising. You would think that a faster-moving electric scooter would run out of power faster. In addition to the higher speed of the Xmax, it also had an additional autonomy of 3 km.

Since both steps followed each other exactly during the route, since the lights were extinguished at the same time, since they always braked at the numerous lights and based on identical weight of both test subjects, we may conclude that the Mobile Future Xmax performs better then the official Ninebot G30.

During this active 2-hour test ride, we drove a good 25 km at an average speed of 23 to 24 km/h before the battery showed a red flashing light. In this mode, it is recommended not to drive too much further as the life of a Lithium-Ion battery decreases at energy levels below 10%.

With the Ninebot G30, we drove an additional 500 meters around the final destination before charging it back home. We noted a limited decrease in speed. With the Mobile Future Xmax, we did a fairly extensive additional trip of about 3 km before we also lose some speed.

test ninebot g30 vs mobile future xmax-traject

In any case, it was a wonderful course that made every city visit as easy and as fast as possible. Thanks to my travel companion Charles for this hellish on a sunny but chilly 4°C Saturday. Next time, we are happy to share our experience with the X7 and X8 at Mobile Future in Ghent.