Electric scooter selection aid

Use our electric scooter selection guide to find your choice faster. Based on a few multiple choice questions, we will make a selection for you:

elektrische step goedkoop

Cheap electric scooter

I am looking for a cheap electric scooter.

elektrische step groot bereik

Electric scooter long range

I am looking for an electric scooter to ride long distances.

elektrische step volwassenen

Electric scooter for adults

I am looking for a decent electric scooter for adults.

elektrische step woon werk verkeer

Electric scooter home or work

I am looking for an electric scooter for home and work travel.

elektrische step zware mensen

Electric scooter heavy people

I am looking for an electric scooter that is suitable for heavy people.

elektrische step sport offroad

Electric scooter sportive

I am looking for a sporty and fast electric scooter.

elektrische step kind

Electric scooter for kids

I am looking for a safe electric scooter for my children.

elektrische step met zadel

Electric scooter with saddle

I'm looking for an electric scooter that I can mount a saddle on.

Compare E-steps

The Internet is teeming with electric scooters. Big, small, cheap, expensive, black, white. They look even harder on one after the other. Now as you well know, there are plenty of electric scooters that can meet your needs. Only a handful, on the other hand, will be more than worth their investment.

Expensive is not necessarily synonymous with good. Just as cheap should not be considered synonymous with bad, despite the fact that still often cheap is expensive.

And this is no different with electric scooters either. That’s why our electric scooter selection guide. The important thing here is to do work in comparing electric scooters among themselves. Only by comparing electric scooters will you make the right choice with a good or better feeling.

We at Mobile Future have tried out the various runners for you as well as dozens of pieces from lesser-known brands. This also cost us money, time and regularly the necessary frustration. For example, we once received an electric scooter that did not start at the start. The controller was not functioning. It is by starting to compare electric scooters that you can get the best buy on the market.

With Mobile Future, we certainly don’t want to deprive you of nice alternatives to the market leaders, as long as they are reliable and affordable.

See the + and - points

With Mobile Future, we are aware that a scooter we consider good may not be the electric scooter you desire. Of course, we can start comparing electric scooters for you and list the minus points as well as the plus points and share them with you. You can already check this by browsing each step model. On each product page you can find the plus and minus points.

In addition, you can compare products based on the most common features. We would like to offer you a clearer picture at a glance

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