What is the best electric scooter

Which kick scooter suits me the best

So what is the best electric scooteron the market ? Which kick scooter suits me the best ? These alone are 2 questions that each of you may be wondering. An electric scooter with a 45 km radius might be ideal for person A who already needs a 30 km range for commuting. But not so much for person B who prefers a light weight model resulting in a more limited radius.

As you can see. The best electric scooter is quite subjective and different from person to person. Now since the majority of users purchase an e-step for a reason these features are nevertheless quite easy to distinguish.

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The price

Usually the first question, what is the price for the best electric scooter ? Is actually the least good reasoning since every potential user already has an idea of the budget he wants to spend before his search. Now the price should actually be the result of the different conclusions based on criteria.

We explain ourselves further. As you can imagine, there is a big difference between e-steps on the market. With Mobile Future, we have focused on the established values of the (inter)national market. We have also succeeded in obtaining a number of perfect equivalents at lower budgets.

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What do I expect from an e-step ?

Now before we talk about financial amounts, it is important to know what we all expect from the best electric kick scooter.

Does it have to look pretty? Does weight play an important role, for example, does it need to be carried on stairs daily? What should be the dailyrange ? Are there strong uphills in the daily course that should be taken into account in the decision process? Is driving comfort important, in other words do you wish to use e.g. 10 inch tires or an adapted suspension?

Do you like to look at the latest technological parameters? Is the electric scooter meant to be used in Belgium or at your country house in the sunny and warm abroad? Depending on the answers, you end up with an electric scooter that costs price x.

test ninebot g30 versus mobile future xmax
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