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Electric scooter test drive

Book a no-obligation test drive at Mobile Future

Before making a purchase, you can always visit Mobile Future for a no-obligation test ride with an electric scooter of your choice.

Purchasing an electric scooter is not a cheap investment for many individuals. Whether you choose a starter version or a more advanced version. Money is money and almost no one has too much of it. If the value represented by a scooter exceeds the financial demand, the ratio is good. Feeling value for money can hardly be obtained other than through a test drive.

At Mobile Future, we currently have about 10 different e-steps that you can test drive. This from purely functional commuting e-steps to powerful off-road scooters. Do not be surprised and request a test drive.

Convince yourself, schedule an electric scooter test ride

Buying a new electric scooter that can serve you for years in your transportation to and from is certainly not to be underestimated in terms of emotions. So a test ride with an electric scooter is definitely recommended so you can decide for yourself which model is most suitable for you. Whether you choose a starter model from Xiaomi or the elite solution from Dualtron, you can find them all at Mobile Future.

In addition, you may be able to enjoy an extra on the purchase of the latest test drive model yourself.

Especially for you, we are happy to organize reviews from now on with two different and yet quite similar models. We do this in a city of your choice: Antwerp, Leuven, Ghent, Bruges as well as in Wallonia. This way we combine the useful with the pleasant and are sure to offer the right quality e-steps.

The choice is large and a picture does not always tell everything. Mobile Future has several electric scooters for testing that you can view by appointment and take a test ride with no obligation.

Only then you can decide which model is right for your needs. We are happy to explain the models and the pros and cons of each electric scooter with no obligation.

Mobile Future currently has the following demo devices :

Contact us for an appointment or fill out the form below. Demo devices can be tested at our point of sale in Wilsele (near Leuven).