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Micro Mobility is the future

In 2015, Europe and 199 other countries signed the Paris Agreement aimed at ensuring that temperature increases are limited to no more than 2 degrees, with 1.5 degrees as the target. To achieve such goals, Europe is creating an environment where car use is generally discouraged to curb greenhouse gas emissions. This was already the case 10 years ago in some cities in Belgium such as, e.g.. Leuven. Originally, the intention was to keep the city center pedestrianized which was supposed to increase the safety and attractiveness of a city. Meanwhile, these european interests are so great that the car driver (briefly speaking) has to endure fewer and fewer roads, fewer parking lots, more controls, more taxes. This turn-of-the-century economy is so large that many car drivers feels like a victim of the goverment.

Micro Mobility can be seen as a solution or alternative to the car to reach your destination. Whether reaching the last mile smoothly or covering a more extensive distance with a scooter or other electric vehicle that is cheaper as a car, smaller as a bicycle and faster as a walker. Micro Mobility includes electric scooters, but also all other forms of individual mobility based on a simple motorized electric vehicle.

There is no doubt that Micro mobility is the future. According to my perception, the car driver is more and more obliged to follow the main axes thanks to the growing secondary one-way streets as well as cul-de-sacs which create more traffic on the main axis. In addition, it should also be taken into account that the main axis experiences more narrowing than before to give priority to alternative traffic such as buses or streetcars. Unfortunately, in recent years, the ticketing prices of public transportation have not been lowered or the parking lots next to such hotspots have not become free, so that public transportation still lacks comfort, punctuality and safety. In short, the endless car jams, frustrations, stress and all the medical consequences that come with it oblige the car driver to start looking for alternatives…. A solution that combines functionality and fun is Micro-mobility!

You see more and more electric vehicles today. The time when a collection of connected drones will transport humans from place A to place B has already arrived. The breakthrough to commercialization is only a matter of time. Legislation in most countries does not follow as quickly and therefore cannot stop it. Read on to the better electric scooters here and also be surprised by alternative micro mobility.

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