Foldable electric bike

An electric folding bike is a convenient and compact means of transportation. Ideal to take with you in the car or on public transport.

A good folding bike offers the comfort of a regular bicycle so it is suitable for riding it long distances.

The best electric folding bike should meet some important requirements:

  • The same riding comfort as a regular bicycle
  • Low weight for carrying and transporting
  • Compact dimensions
  • Quick and easy to fold
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Electric folding bike riding comfort

In many electric folding bikes, the handlebar height is a lot higher than the height of the saddle. This is detrimental to riding comfort because this riding position is less suitable for long rides. Choose an electric folding bike where you can adjust the height of the handlebars and saddle so that you are in the right position.

Weight and dimensions of a folding bike

The price of a good electric folding bike is largely determined by its weight. To obtain an extremely low weight, the use of expensive and high-quality materials such as carbon and carbon fiber is inevitable.

If you use public transportation daily, then the weight and dimensions of the folding bike is very important.

Easy and fast folding

If you need to fold and store the bike on a daily basis then you need a solid and fast folding mechanism. This is another area where more expensive folding bikes differ from cheaper models.

The folding mechanism must be sturdy and reliable because your life may depend on it.