Kickscooter helmet

Kickscooter helmet. When you go between traffic with your electric kickscooter, a decent helmet is no superfluous luxury. Don’t skimp on the price of products that could save your life!

Therefore, always choose a quality helmet with a safety certificate that complies with European regulations.

Mobile Future only offers helmets from quality brands that meet European standards and have a safety certificate!

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Electric kickscooter helmet

Helmets can be found on the market in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Is a helmet mandatory when using an electric kickscooter? It is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

Is there a difference between the helmets recommended on the Mobile Future website and those found in popular retailers?

With Mobile Future we resolutely opt for the safety of the user. To guarantee this, we work with the most reliable partners who can offer us the necessary guarantees in terms of comfort and safety.

Helmets can be obtained a flashing taillight, in pliable formats as well as for different applications. To keep it clear for you, we have chosen to start with the right price/quality helmets.

Below are the main helmets distributed by Mobile Future

Hydan 2.0: This one is very popular among bike and scooter users. This helmet is adjustable in height by means of a buggle lock. On the back of the helmet you will find a light that once again indicates the presence of a stepper. Prices range from 70€ for a classic Hydan 2.0 to 100€ for a Hydan 2.0 with a chrome finish. You can see the Hydan 2.0 as a value-for-money helmet that has spared many a user from a significant head injury.
Urban I 3.0 eye can already be obtained for 90€. Despite the fact that it is much lighter than the average helmet, it does not sacrifice strength. In addition, the helmet can be adjusted in height using the fitlock.
Skurb is the standard entry-level helmet suitable for most applications. Skurb is not equipped with signaling lights.
Pedelec 2.0 with visor for wind and flies can be obtained for 150€. For this amount you have a light and a rain cap. The light is rechargeable via a USB connection. The Pedelec 2.0 is upgradeable to a Pedelec ACE.

Did you know that a helmet was mandatory in the Netherlands and more than likely will also become mandatory in Europe in the short or long term? A helmet is not just an accessory that we should or should not wear. A helmet can save your life and should be an inseparable element of all motorized vehicles.