Electric kickscooter big autonomy

Why an electric scooter with big autonomy ?

An electric scooter that can handle an autonomy of 40 km or more with a fully charged battery is called a long range electric scooter. If you regularly need to travel longer distances, you need an electrical scooter with a solid battery. The price of an electric scooter is largely determined by the battery. Good Li-Ion batteries do not come cheap.

The autonomy is determined by the battery

Because the capacity of the battery, expressed in Ah, determines how much power it can deliver as a function of time. For an electric scooter with a long range, you need a battery of +/- 15Ah. Most standard scooters are equipped with a battery capacity between 7 and 10Ah.

Other factors that determine the range

Other factors that determine the maximum range are your weight and the shape of the trail you are on. Are there many steep mountains, or do you have to stop and start again frequently. Because this is also an additional strain on the battery.

Your driving style also has a big influence on the range. Manufacturers always indicate a maximum range based on a standard route (without mountains), a person with an average weight of 70 kg and in eco or standard driving mode.

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