E-scooter Dualtron

Dualtron’s electric scooters are the Ferrari among e-steps. Looks, quality and power are their main features.

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Electric scooter Dualtron

Dualtron is no ordinary electric scooter. Dualtron is often considered the best electric scooter on the market. To qualify, they don’t simply produce the first best standard market average scooter. They think further into what the ideal scooter should satisfy. For this, they do not shy away from using a dual motor of no less than 2500W. and this both as front and rear drive. Speaking of a gear. Speaking of a frame. Speaking of a look. With Dualtron you are very well off!

There are hardly any electric scooter brands on the market that can do the same as a Dualtron brand electric scooter. The ingenuity, the performance, the solid structure and the techniques behind it all, right down to the pimping, can only be found with them today. And they should be proud of that. If you see an electric scooter on the ring road of Brussels, Antwerp or any other road, there is a good chance that it is a Dualtron. This is not really a scooter anymore. It already looks more like a motorcycle and retains the functionality of a scooter.

A range of over 100km is also no exception for a Dualtron brand electric scooter. From the little brother to the imposing Dualtron X created from a movie, this Dualtron version is the cream of the crop in the range of electric scooters. In addition to its lightning-fast acceleration, this scooter enjoys a personalized suspension. A huge battery capacity is used to power all this. This flagship from Minimotors gives the world of the electric scooter a new dimension.

You can easily recognize a Dualtron electric scooter based on the wide and deep footplate with logo present, the wide tires, the different suspensions front and rear, the seemingly advanced front wheel. Did you know that with dualtron you could climb slopes up to 47°. This opens up new perspectives, new applications. Just think of a mountain ride or walk through the woods in search of wildlife and this without necessarily disturbing the fauna and flora. The applications are virtually unlimited. The future will show what this vehicle will make its name and fame for. T’is only a matter of time. Meanwhile, we are already enjoying the comfort it offers for normal commuting.