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Our review of the Mobile Future X10. It was chilly last Saturday when I started testing the X10. Just under 12°C which is actually pretty ok around 6 am in the morning. Still, it felt quite less like the recent 25°C of the last few days. Fortunately, the excitement of this trip with the Mobile Future X10 quickly brought warmth to my body.

What was supposed to be a 2-hour test and followed by a delicious breakfast with my loved ones turned into, in reality, a wonderful long round trip in the green paradise of Antwerp.

mobile future e-step x10 review
E-step X10 review - Wilrijk september 18 2021

Safe and stable scooter

Nothing better to start my Saturday by delivering delicious sandwiches to friends and family.

With my 84 kg and the Garmin GPS fully charged, I started it. Tires well inflated, scooter fully charged, windless and nobody on the roads.

Because super safe this scooter is and good is not the correct wording for the Mobile Future X10 scooter that pulled me around for about 3 hours at dawn, enjoying nature, the good deed and a quiet moment alone.

And driving I already did a lot with the X10 which made the test drive just another confirmation of my previous impressions which were mostly positive.

mobile future x10 testrit part 2
mobile future x10 testrit deel

Mobile Future X10 review - The results

There is little to remark about the Mobile Future X10. On the contrary, it is really a very complete and smart purchase. Value for your money on all fronts! Of all the scooters I have had the pleasure of testing out in this price range, the Mobile Future X10 is by far the most complete. The only limitation with the X10 is the 13Ah battery which limits the range to +35 km.

For 850€, which is less than the Ninebot G30 II E you get :

  • Powerful disc brakes on the front and rear wheel
  • A 23cm wide and long baseplate
  • Adjustable handlebars and foldable handles for more compact transportation
  • A smooth acceleration
  • A load capacity of up to 150 kg
  • Strong and wide tires
  • Indicators and very powerful lights.

Solid and stable

The Mobile Future X10 was exactly the scooter I had in mind for 1 of my friends with whom I have been touring for 1 year. Riding up and down the sidewalk does not affect the good mechanics or solid frame of the scooter which is also a differentiator for me.

With the Mobile Future X10, you can even scoot with one hand and do so without having to hold your body against the handlebars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging anyone to try this out. But it does show how stable it is.

In my opinion, the uniqueness of the Mobile Future X10 is that despite its maximum top speed of 35km/h(*), you have the ability to stop very fast. Of course, these top performances will also need regular maintenance to hold up.

Also, the cruise control of the X10 Mobile Future works like the better ones. After 3-4 seconds, it automatically turns on and you notice the message P on the clear display. The Mobile Future X10 electric scooter is an ideal all-rounder.

Mobile Future X10 speed

During the test run of 43 km, I rode mainly at 20 km/h to compensate for not being able to visually display the round trip on 1 image. At 35km/h (*) I estimate you can get a 25km range. At 30km/h you approach the 30km range.

Keep in mind that range is always measured at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The X10 is also always supplied a speed limit at 25 km/h.

(*) Disabling the speed limiter should only be done on private property.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos and do not hesitate to come and admire and try them out in our various stores and outlets.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable ride.

The Mobile Future Team

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