Electric scooter manual and hints

Unpacking electric scooter

Please check

Check your scooter on receipt for shipping damage. Contact us immediately in case of damage.

Preferably send an e-mail with a photo of the damage to service@mobile-future.be


Mount the handlebar with the provided screws and mounting tool.

The screws are coated with “loctite” adhesive so they will not come loose. Check the screws on a regular basis !

Tire pressure

Always inflate the tires ! The tire pressure is printed on the tires. If the tire pressure is too low it will seriously affect speed and range and damage the tires.

  • X7 50 PSI (3,4 bar)
  • X8 36 PSI (2,4 bar)
  • X9 50 PSI (3,4 bar)
  • X10 50 PSI (3,4 bar)
  • Xmax 50 PSI (3,4 bar)
  • Ninebot G30 50 PSI (3,4 bar)
  • S9 36 PSI (2,4 bar)
  • S11 50 PSI (3,4 bar)

Chassis number

Note the chassis number of your scooter. If your scooter is stolen this can help you find your scooter when reported to the police.

The chassis number is located on the side of the footplate.

elektrische step chassisnummer

Electric scooter manual

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