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Electric scooter for adults

What should an electric scooter for adults meet ?

An electric scooter for adults must meet some basic criteria. Most e-steps are suitable for a weight between 100 and 120 kg. If your weight is less than 100 kg, most e-steps are basically suitable.

If you weight is between 100 and 120 kg, preferably choose a more solid e-step and a motor power of at least 350W. Highly recommended is our Mobile Future Xmax which, thanks to its 500W motor, runs smoothly even under heavy load.

For many manufacturers, it is not always clear whether their electric scooter is suitable for 100 or 120 kg. All Mobile Future’s models can accommodate a maximum load of up to 120 kg. Do you weigh more than 120 kg ? Then take a look at the electric scooter heavy people page.

Electric scooter adults - our selection