Electric kickscooter live and work traffic

An electric scooter is also ideal for daily commuting. Because more and more people use an electric scooter for their daily commute to work or school.

Check out our wide range of electric scooters suitable for daily commuting.

Electric kickscooter live and work traffic

Did you know that an electric scooter for commuting is the biggest reason why people buy an electric scooter? In second place are the functional trips such as the ride to the bakery, to the store or to friends.

In addition, do not underestimate the economic and ecological aspect when using the electric scooter for commuting. And refueling is no longer necessary. With a standard quality scooter you can cover a good 20km, up to officially 30km. That makes it best to base yourself on 10/12 km for the outward journey. If the battery seems empty, you can still reduce the mode to a slightly slower speed and consequently a greater autonomy.

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