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Tire replacement anti-puncture treatment

Tire replacemenet ?
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Changing the tire on your electric scooter is best left to specialists. There are alternatives such as the airless or honeycomb tire. But with a pneumatic tire, you simply have more comfort while riding your electric scooter. A pneumatic tire absorbs vibrations better than a airless tire. Unfortunately, the condition of Belgian roads and bike paths often are in bad quality. Therefore, the likelihood of a flat tire depends on the condition of the roads on your route.

Anti-leakage treatment at Mobile Future

Available now at Mobile Future!

  • Anti-puncture treatment 8.5/10/11″ for one tire : €25 VAT included
  • Anti-puncture treatment 8.5/10/11″ both tires : €40 VAT included

The solution for your flat tire

Mobile Future now offers the solution if you are regularly faced with a flat tire. The tire is injected with a special gel that remains liquid and rotates with the tire while driving.

If a hole occurs while riding, it is immediately filled by the gel after which the gel hardens and seals the hole. Even when the tire is punctured with a screwdriver, it is filled nicely with virtually no air loss.

In short, the ideal solution if you suffer a lot of flat tires on your electric scooter.

Armor-Dilloz Blue offers the highest ANTI puncture protection for your E-step, insane performance at extreme speeds over 50km/h.

Armor-Dilloz uses advanced sealing technology developed for the military. This is Armor-Dilloz most extreme formula made to maximize performance at high speeds. The gel consists of ballistic fibers along with rubber plates that vary in size and a flux.

This allows the product to flow freely at higher speeds. The Armor-Dilloz formula forms a physical plug in the tire, allowing you to continue using your tire safely and reliably. Armor-Dilloz web plug technology can safely seal even large leaks.

anti lek behandeling elektrische step

Safe and very effective in both an inner tube and tubeless tires. As with all sealants, performance will typically be lower with inner tubes because the sensitive rubber simply does not allow for much abuse. Note that defects at the tire seams as well as cuts & tears in the tire (such as a pinched tire) are often not sealable by sealant. For these cases, replacing the tire is recommended.